I want you to picture a depressed 11th grader (not quite literally) who for some godforsaken reason took up science, only to top it all off by joining an engineering entrance coaching class. This is precisely how I succeeded in becoming part of the herd.

Doesn’t it sound like the story of half of the children who opt for science? The title is suggestive enough to indicate that the avenue towards the science stream didn’t do wonders for me.

Mine wasn’t a classic case of an outdated fairytale or an overrated chick flick which included a knight in shining armor to pull me back from the depths of Tartarus.

My hero(ine) was any other girl like you and me, who had her fair share of struggles while growing up and decided to do something about them.

How I rummaged through life; from surviving to owning it

I was first introduced to Lilly (whom I then knew only as Superwoman) in the summer of 2013. Random searches on YouTube, led me to binge-watching some of her hysterical videos (mainly the ones about desi parents) for momentary pleasure but that was that.

Fast forward three years, and I discovered the actual Lilly Singh; she was no longer the woman who only made quirky vines for the sake of entertainment.

During that time, Lilly was in the process of finishing her debut book, ‘How To Be A Bawse: A Guide To Conquering Life’.

As a book-lover and someone who was in need of desperate motivation, I started reading more about the book, following all threads on Twitter that talked about it.

I knew it in my heart that the book was the solution to all my problems, but life decided not to hand me my treats all at once. The book was scheduled to be launched in 2017.

While struggling with problems of Kinetics and Oscillations, back in 11th, I stumbled upon Lilly’s motivational videos which provided my mind some stability and an escape from the world of Newton.

In fact, every day without fail, I would watch this video before I sat down to study, right up until the point where I had memorized it.

My cravings for more content led me to Lilly’s daily vlogs.

For those of you who don’t know, Lilly is a person who advocates the importance of hustling in life. She is the human embodiment of a motivational poster. I love and respect her for her work ethic.

Seeing her work so hard at a stage in her life when she was already so successful and stand by her ideals in an extremely brutal industry such as YouTube inspired me.

Lilly’s drive and passion to help people through her social campaigns like #GirlLove which ended a lot of girl on girl hate reignited a spark in me that had been extinguished for a long time.

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My routine changed from waking up to Instagram posts to religiously watching Lilly’s daily vlogs, first thing in the morning. I would try to embody whatever she advocated (“busy is a blessing”) and give that day everything I had.

Subjects that deemed impossible were now challenges I couldn’t wait to complete. No, I didn’t become a maestro in physics but I started working more productively with minimal procrastination and a *fittay mooh* attitude.

I began to tackle problems that would earlier send me scurrying to my bed.

Lilly not only helped me academically but made me feel better about myself on a personal level. Her daily vlogs reminded me to be fully present in every moment of my life just by being grateful about them.

It’s kinda weird how a stranger from the Internet can impact your life in such a positive way.

So here’s to Lilly,

Your attitude of self-dependence and self-reliability provided me with a goal, a motto, an ambition and a required sense of commitment in life. Thank you for being my precipice for standing up to the world, actually, standing up to myself.

~ A proud Bawse

(Ps: For those of you, who don’t follow Lilly: there are ample reasons to love her, from her authenticity to her hustle to her groundedness and sheer dedication towards her fans. So check out her videos if you still haven’t.)

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