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||SUPERWOMAN|| Slays The Internet With Her Upbeat Unicorn Stardust


By Dashmeet Kaur

A regular superhero and a bizarre manifestation of undaunted, zesty, beaming and highly-brown super sanskaars.

Where in the world is Superwoman today-ay-ay!?


All over the world, I say!

Being a zany follower I’m electrified to see how Lilly Singh a.k.a llSuperwomanll, our very own downright-dope-chick has risen to cyber-stardom and captured the hearts and minds of over 7.7 million people. We’ve loved her for a really long time now, followed her rad as bi-weekly videos and daily vlogs, and can almost quote her in all our peculiar conversations too.

She’s had a very inspiring journey–from combating depression, almost giving it to parental pressure, a Eureka moment while on a solitary stroll on the beach to retaining a YouTube channel that is rated as one of the most subscribed and viewed YouTube channels, all by the age of 27! She is perhaps the first ever Indian woman to make it this massive on YouTube.

Her videos are uproarious, unusual and amplified exaggerations of issues that are not bound by geographical or cultural contexts; her *fittey mooh tere* attitude remaining constant. Be it her attention-seeking pimple, her bad hair day, her rainbow-poop talks, her choices to wear something very uncanny, her colourful wigs, her super rants, she remains as kool as her parents’ reactions.

She has done some very compelling collaborative videos with Shah Rukh Khan, Jay Sean, Kunal Nayyar, Madhuri Dixit, Dwayne Johnson *dreams do come true* (sighs), Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, to name a few. It just doesn’t end here; this ever-so-chirpy human machine is a very talented rapper and has featured in music videos like “#LEH” and “#IVIVI” and soon after her wondrous world tour, Lilly documented it in her first ever feature movie, A Trip to Unicorn Island.

This laughing riot had also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she was a big hit and we sure loved every bit of it.


This spontaneous ball of loaded humor keeps us all asking for more since She.Be.Dayum.Fine. *clicks fingers*

To start with:

1. She’s a cheap person

Now don’t get your judgemental mouths gaping just yet. All she’s ever sensitive and highly serious about in her ENTIRE life is how yummy that salivating dessert would be from the moment the guy next to her ordered it. Expensive restaurants? Glamorous dresses?  Shemurr that would mean getting all fancied up and she’s here to eat food, not walk a runway since the carbs would show up in the most decent way sooner than later in her skin tight jeans. But who cares? She’s got a host of “how to lose weight” videos to help her moti-weight while she finishes yet another packet of chips. *Nom nom* Eternal Bliss.

2. She’s a bomb motivator pooping nothing but positive skittles

She injects a plethora of protons (Science?) that makes one believe that you and your weirdness are like a friggin’ Tetris because you so belong together. Stay true to your ish; keep your boogers, your STD’s, your chicken pox, your used tissues, (my kick-in-the-ass puns) to yourself, but just give away your brightest smiles to people, necessarily after brushing. (Okay, that’s it.) Sideline all the onions because

3. She got the koolest parents

Her Indian, desi, burraaah brown Mummy-daddy are the total the lovelies. Be it Manjeet’s attempts to “how to compooter” or Paramjeet’s failing attempts to teach her round rotis because apparently that should be the only thing that changi kudis eligible for marriage must do with their hands *wink wink*; they are S for saaaxy not S for Siyaapa.

4. She’s a victorious unicorn.

Ever felt so crippled and emotionally scarred that you’ve almost given up on things? Stand up. Fart the negatives. Inhale the happiness breeze that this Unicorn gives to you virtually. Ditch being your basic self and start embracing the fun mess that you can totally be and award bitter people with an awesome-sauce glam.

In conclusion, I’d like to proudly state that yes, it’s okay to let go of your sanity once in a while and be the kind of person to whoop that anybody  if need be before checking them into the Smackdown Hotel.

P.S. Ju r looooove woman

That’s a wrap and ZOOOOOOOP!

Happy Living Fellas!

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