The awareness around the LGBTQ community is steadily increasing by the day. Pride month, pride parades, hoardes of NGOs and organisations focused on spreading information have surely helped.

With several countries across the world also legalising same-sex marriage and our own India having just a few years ago abolished the criminalisation of homosexuality, things are certainly moving in the right direction.

That is not to say that there is still not a lot of work left to be done, there is always the case of one step forward two steps back. A lot of societies are still very very against the LGBT community and while they may have legalised same-sex relationships there are still endless laws and regulations around them meant to curb their freedom.

Thus, it was quite surprising to learn of how a Chinese company is giving out ‘coming out kits’ for queer people.

What Are Coming Out Kits?

The coming out kits is something launched by a Chinese company called Trueself or previously known as PFLAG China. It is an LGBT organisation and has created a kit that would help people from the LGBT community to learn more about what it means to come out, how to do it, learning about gender expression, identity, etc.

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Hu Zhijun, founder, of Trueself, was quoted by Sixth Tone saying “It would not be a one-size-fits-all package, but it will be a gift to discover one’s true self. The ultimate goal is to seek growth in your best efforts, although, in the end, you might not achieve what you want and what others have.”

The kit as per sources is going to have various merchandise and written information on how to come out and talk to family, peers, relatives about their sexual orientation.

Containing things like a rainbow flag, a planner along with a 50 card pack of FAQs that would help people to create the conversation around this topic and answer most commonly heard doubts and confusions when LGBT people come out. The kit also has written testimonies and experiences from LGBTQIA+ people who have already gone through the coming out process and how it all went.

Zhijun also stated that “As the journey unfolds, some will realise they have stigmatised their gender identity and reject the possibility of a more positive relationship with their loved ones from their past.”

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