Ramchandra Manjhi may have won India’s fourth-highest civilian award and Sangeet Natak Akademi, but his biggest achievement will always be his ability to perform ‘Naach’. In spite of his weak eyesight and age-related ailments, he never lost his passion and determination to put up a good show. 

Let’s learn more about this musical theatre and how this man kept it alive for the last 84 years. 

“The more I performed, the more I loved it. I felt like a magician with all eyes on me. Seeing their mesmerized faces, I thought I had the power to make them feel different emotions,” said Ramchandra, when asked about his performance.

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Ramchandra might not have realized it but by putting on that Ghaghra and being comfortable in his own skin, he has been countering the normative masculinity for years. He hopes that this inspires others too.  

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