“Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Oh, then please work hard and study more to find yourself a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or Indian Institute of Management (IIM).”

I am sure this line sounds familiar to you. Usually, it is perceived that to be a well-known entrepreneur, an IIT/IIM degree is a must. 

However, is it really a “must”? Absolutely not! These two degrees aren’t essential for one to pursue entrepreneurship or to thrive in the world of business. Several popular personalities are thriving without the IIT/IIM degree. 

Hard to process? Well, not anymore.

Here are 5 Indian personalities who are well-established entrepreneurs, that too without an IIM/IIT degree

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Hence, these five famous Indian personalities have proved that to be a successful entrepreneur, degrees from IIT/IIM aren’t needed. You can thrive with your constant hard work and efforts. 

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Source: Business Standard, Higher Education Digest, Official OYO Blog

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