The world is an increasingly fantastic place to live in—with a myriad demographic inculcating it and with a beauty that transcends mortality itself.

The strangeness of being alive in a world with seemingly weird customs which have attained normalcy in our day is something that I still haven’t coped with. The fantasies that exist are tantamount to understanding the many wonders of the world and the strangeness that follows.

Our world consists of nearly 8 billion human beings (accounted for), with varying religions, customs, personal beliefs and other such criteria.

Therefore, it is only fair to state that a certain society may not be the same as the next one. Hence, we look into a few traditions that are as strange as they are fascinating.

Don’t Pass The Salt: The Strange Superstition Of The Egyptians

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Thaipusam: The Body Piercing Extravagance In Tamil Nadu

Muharram: The Flagellation Of Sacrifice In India And Middle-East

Cinnamon Frenzy: Mark The Single Danes Yellow!

Sateré-Mawé Tribe Initiation: The Pains Of Coming Of Age In The Form Of A Bullet Ant

The world is a most fantastic place!

And, if you think that you need to witness at least one of these customs, then don’t fret, for you aren’t the only one.

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Sources: India Times, Ootlah Blog, The Garfors Globe

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