Instagram is mostly known for having extremely pretty people and aesthetic images of food, travel and such.

That is mostly the brand that the social media platform is built on and it does allow everyone to unleash their inner influencer and post intricately posed images with deep captions.

However, besides that, there are also some amazing content creators on the platform, mainly comedians or people who have a knack for being extremely funny.

With the TikTok being banned and Instagram a sure-shot app on almost every phone, many people have started to try their hand at comedy on the social media app.

Instagram with some filters and increased video time length has allowed people to shift to the platform and try out various comedic styles, building a following.

So here are some of the funniest female content creators on Instagram that you should certainly be following:

1. Kusha Kapila

2. Srishti Dixit

3. Dolly Singh

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4. Kareema Barry

5. Supriya Joshi

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6. Saloni Gaur

In these difficult times, when life and society are so uncertain it is sure good to see some old myths about female comedians being broken.

One cannot so easily say nowadays that females cannot go good comedy, when we have all these and more examples that have left us dying of laughter.

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