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Eunion Granted Austrac in Australia, A New Era of Trading Platform!


Since the price of BTC has exceeded a new height of $18,000 in the past two years, more and more renowned investment institutions are rushing into the market. It’s because a large number of traditional funds started to focus on the digital asset market that we have ushered in a big bull market in 2020. Therefore, the security, compliance and liquidity of trading platform have been attached with more and more importance.

To better protect the security of customer assets, Eunion Trade will create a new digital asset trading platform based on the application of underlying blockchain technology. The customer funds and personal data are stored on Eunion Trade servers, which serve as an infrastructure to match buyers and sellers with the trading desire of digital assets. Based on the transaction matching engine, the trading occurs directly between the participants (P2P) to create a new era of trading platform.

First of all, as the most important way to connect the disordered crypto world and orderly financial markets, the legal compliance is the key to the success of Eunion Trade platform. With the legal license, the trading platform can overcome the barriers lying between the two worlds; otherwise it is almost impossible for the encrypted world to be trusted in the traditional world. The three legal licenses successively granted to Eunion Trade can fully prove the compliance and legality of the platform. As early as last year, Eunion Trade was granted the authoritative EU MTR license, a dual license of digital currency + wallet, and passed the strictest assessment standards in EU (No. FVR001101 and FRK000990).

Secondly, it was also granted the MSB license (license number: 31000164318323) owned by the world’s top mainstream trading platforms such as Huobi, Binance and OKEX. The complete financial supervision system and strict enforcement power of MSB licence have always been recognized as one of the most strict and complete financial supervision systems with best protection in the world. Last but not the least, Eunion Trade was also granted the financial regulatory license in Australia in August this year and highly valued by the local government.

The Eunion Trade platform can not only guarantee the security of customer digital assets, but also enable the transactions to be in line with the regulations. Meanwhile, the trading platform can also ensure the fast transactions with good liquidity. Based on the HF matching engine of AI system, the liquidity has been greatly improved, the era of AI supercomputing has been opened and a diversified trading platform has been created with the advanced technology and smart AI.

To ensure the security of digital asset withdrawal, the cold wallet at Eunion Trade platform adopts the technology of multiple signature and threshold signature to ensure the security of private key capable of good availability by multi-person and multi-location backup. Meanwhile, the strict regulations, process standards, minimum authority and isolation operation mechanism are adopted to ensure the security of each operation, so that the trading shall not necessarily depend on some individual authority and operation in extreme cases.

Focusing on the security of digital assets, the compliance of global regulations and the liquidity of clearing transactions, the decentralized Eunion Trade platform can provide comprehensive protections on customer assets and build a new era of artificial intelligence!

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