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Chinese and British Scholars Focusing on the Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange and Development Trends in the Post-Epidemic Era


The Webinar “Post-Epidemic Era, Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange and Development Trends” was successfully held on November 16. This Webinar is full of celebrities, such as British media expert Duncan Bartlett, British orator Eric Francis Manu and scholar of international relations Chang Ya-chung. They were invited to brainstorm about the Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and development under the epidemic situation, Brexit, the power game between China and America, and to discuss human rights and religious issues in China.

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Eric Francis Manu pointed out that the epidemic needs to be fought by the whole world, rather than promoting the “Wuhan virus”. Chang Ya-chung agrees with this. He believed that the reason why there are a lot of China conspiracy theories during the epidemic is that the Western is full of doubts about China’s political purpose and system, and many Westerners are still stuck in the stereotype that China’s medical treatment is very backward. Therefore, they are emotionally unacceptable that the epidemic in China is well controlled. Duncan Bartlett said that the good news is that during the epidemic, effective and timely scientific research exchanges between China and Britain are actually conducive to the future development of relations between the two countries.

In international relations, the coming to power of the new US President Joe Biden has made experts take a relaxed attitude towards Sino-US relations in the future. Brexit is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Britain, but Duncan Bartlett pointed out that as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Britain still has a place in international influence. Eric Francis Manu believes that due to the rise of China, China will play a leading role in the economic trend in the future, with the support of the United Kingdom to achieve a win-win situation.

As for Chinese religious and human rights issues that have been criticized for a long time, Chinese and British experts have paid attention to the “International Religious Freedom Alliance” sponsored by the United States. Duncan Bartlett believes that it is obviously an Americanized product. Eric Francis Manu believes that in fact, human rights and democracy in the United States are not optimistic, and there is no reason for the United States, which is unable to govern its own country well, to interfere in China’s religion and internal affairs. Coincidentally, Chang Ya-chung also believes that the human rights issue in the United States is very serious, and the problems of blacks, whites and inequality between the rich and the poor make the government troublesome. The three experts agreed that religion should not be reduced to a product of politics, and hoped that in the post-epidemic era, cultural exchanges between China and Western countries would develop in the direction of mutual assistance and win-win results.


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