Miniature art is gaining popularity among the masses who enjoy hatke things. The tiny creations look very adorable and are a treat to the eyes, but is equally hard to create as it requires a lot of patience and care to deal with something so delicate.

Instagram has witnessed the growth of such artists and believe me when I say this, your news feed will light up with these intricate pieces. 

1. The Daily Miniature (@dailymini )

She posts pictures of tiny objects made by her which are bound to give you goosebumps and sometimes make you go ‘Aww!’. She has 188K followers on Instagram who worship her work.

2. Lavender Belle (@lavenderbelle_miniatures )

Started in 2017, she has gained 56K followers by showcasing elegant room interiors in a 1:12 scale. The European style interiors are quite eye-catching and make you want to step in and have a sip of tea with your English friends. The replicas look so real, as if it is taken out from one of the Sherlock Holmes episodes.

3. Nunnu’s House (@nunus_house)

It is not surprising in the least that he has 248K followers when you take a look at his art. The Japanese artist turns everything into a tiny version of itself. The details are note-worthy and you cannot appreciate him enough.

4. Paris Miniatures (@parisminiatures )

If the favorite part of your meal is dessert then you are in the right place, my friend! Lovely mini pastries and cakes make me drool whenever they pop up on the news feed. The French artist uses polymer clay to devise these miniatures, but anyone can be easily tricked into eating it.

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5. The Square to Spare (@thesquaretospare )

With 30.1K followers, she makes tutorials on Instagram as well as YouTube which is a great way to start your miniature art creative journey. Her sense of colors and creative eye are commendable.

6. The Clay Kitchen (@theclayktichen )

It is unbelievable that a 15-year old can create such realistic food items, but then again nothing is impossible. She sets the bar high, way beyond her age and does not fail to impress your eyes.

7. Coffee.seed.miniatures (@coffee.seed.miniatures )

She specializes in miniature food and has a whopping 23.1K followers. Be prepared for the hunger pangs as soon as her picture pops up on your feed.

8. Mini Materials (@minimaterials )

Have you ever torn down your fireplace only to rebuild it? Do you love building things from scratch? This account is your getaway.

Find the materials that you have used during your building spree in the most adorable looking manner. Mini bricks aligned on top of each other are one of the most satisfying things on this list. 

If you want the tiny creations on your feed to soothe your eyes, follow these accounts. 

Image Credits- Instagram

Source- MyModernMet, Cultural India

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