Twitter can be a good place and a bad place. Things like bullying, online harassment, trolling, and more are common things about the platform we are all well aware of.

But in all this, there are also some gem of accounts that can change our day with just a few tweets. There are several hilariously sarcastic Indian Twitter accounts that are somehow able to put forth our frustration and exasperation with current events with expert accuracy.

There are a lot of things that are affecting us negatively these days, and the coronavirus pandemic is not the only one of those. The anxiety giving state of our economy, politics and even entertainment these days seems to be more than enough on our plates.

These few accounts, though, are relatable and hilarious at the same time, their ability to take our concerns, put a funny twist on them or call out people that we also want to call out is much appreciated.

So here are the top 10 most sarcastic Indian Twitter accounts:

1. The Sarcastic Indian- @shahwarma

2. Nirmala Tai- @CrypticMiind

3. Sagar- @sagarcasm

4. The-Lying-Lama 2.0- @KyaUkhaadLega

5. Gabbbar- @GabbbarSingh

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6. Khap Panchayat- @KhapPanchayat

7. Tauba Tauba- @darktublerone

8. Srishti Garg- @drSalunkheHere

9. Rofl Gandhi 2.0🏹- @RoflGandhi_

10. mthn (spy) 😎- @Being_Humor

These accounts, if nothing else, at least allow us to laugh at some things that might otherwise put us in a bad mood.

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