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“1000 Rs Ke Khane Ke Maje Lena”: Zomato Customer Reveals Scam Going On By Delivery Person


Scams are nothing new for companies, employees, employers, investors, at one point or another at least someone has committed a scam in a company in today’s time.

The latest one has come out regarding Zomato after a customer claimed that he was told to not pay online on his next order and gave him tips on how to save his money on Zomato. The original poster, an entrepreneur called Vinay Sati posted on his LinkedIn page about how massive fraud could be going on at the company by the delivery agent.

In his LinkedIn post he wrote the whole situation and what happened with him:

I got goosebumps hearing what scam is happening with Zomato.

Yesterday I ordered some burger king burgers from Zomato 

And I had also made the online payment.

And as soon as the delivery boy came after 30-40 minutes, he told me that sir, don’t pay online next time.

i wonder why he said that

And I asked why brother?

He said that next time when you will order food worth 700-800rs through COD you only have to pay 200rs for that 

“I will show it to Zomato that you have not taken the food but will also give you the food you ordered “

Aap bas mujhe 200rs , 300rs de dena or 1000rs ke khane ke maje lena 

Deepinder Goyal  ji, now don’t say that you don’t even know that this is happening?

And if even after knowing all this, you are not able to solve it So what are your #IIM guys doing?

#shocking !

Note :- After all this I had two options 

First of all, I would have enjoyed this offer. Or else would have exposed this scandal .

And Being an entrepreneur, I chose the second option.”


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Sati also tagged Deepinder Goyal, the founder and CEO of Zomato in his post who promptly responded to it too saying that “Aware of this. Working to plug the loopholes”.

In the comments section of the post itself, a person called Deep Singh claiming to be a Zomato delivery boy wrote that “Because Zomato didn’t care about delivery boys thats why delivery boys not care about Zomato care”.

He further also said “If someone support me , I will love to filed case against Zomato, because I am not wrong here . And I want my rights.”

Another user Anuj Kapse raised the question of “I’m pretty sure the delivery guy has to be accountable about the money he collected. How will he cover the lost money?” to which Sati replied that “This is the problem bro. He will show that you have not taken the food but will also give it to you. And for zomato that food will come in the category of wastage and zomato will have to bear the loss and on the other hand he delivery boy will give 800 goods for 200 and keep all the money himself.”

Other commenters under the post also revealed how this is not limited to just Zomato, but Ola, Uber and various other platforms also experience this. Rohit Shukla commented that “Similar things are happening with Ola for years. No fix for it yet. Driver asks customers to cancels the booking after reaching to pickup point and ask them to ride with them at lower cost. Many a time, customer is in dire situation that they have to opt to the offer; like rushing for early morning flight catchup; rebooking might kill more time. Also, It might sound lucrative to customer at times, but might comes at a greater risk of burglary or robbery in odd places.”

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