We are in the 21st century, an era of rapid technological advancements. We never thought we could shop while being cozy and comfortable in our beds. But this has become possible and we all owe it to fast-advancing technology.

We all get extremely excited when a parcel is about to be delivered to our doorsteps. But what about those packages that you didn’t even order and yet have to pay for?

Confused? Let me explain.

OTP Delivery Scam

As the internet and technology are becoming easily accessible, the volumes of online orders are also surging. However, frauds and scammers have developed a new way to exploit us and pay for items that we didn’t order.

Delivery agent

What happens is that a man might come to your doorstep posing as a delivery agent from a renowned e-commerce company to apparently deliver a package and make you forcefully pay for it.

It is understood that the package doesn’t belong to you, you won’t pay for it. However, these scammers refuse to leave. In case you refuse to pay, they’ll ask the OTP that you have received to give them ratings.

However, once you tell them the OTP, these scammers get access to your banking details and debit or credit card details.

Another way the scam is executed is that they’ll cancel the package but won’t leave until you give them the OTP. The same thing as mentioned above happens when you share the OTP with them.

Be Aware

These scammers are quite stubborn and know tactics to lure the customer into at least paying the minimal fee through the links given. They might also ask your neighbours to pay for the package on your behalf and make them their victims.

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If some old person receives the package while you’re out, they might make them pay in cash for an empty package.

Ways To Prevent Falling A Victim

It is imperative that you are aware of such scams and know what to do in such situations.

Always be cautious before providing OTPs for packages that you never ordered, not even the minimal fee even if the delivery guys pose as agents from renowned e-commerce companies.

Before ordering packages, make sure to check their website to get information on how they handle deliveries and payments. Make sure that apps or websites where you enter sensitive details are legitimate and renowned.

Make sure that you and your family members are up to date with what you order and about the scams so that no one falls prey to their scams.  Precautions are always better. Whenever you encounter such situations, contact the police and/or cyber police.

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