Renowned writer Vikram Seth claims that he was recently scammed by the great online shopping site, Amazon. He ordered a total of ten items, of which he only received one, in spite of paying for all the packages. 

Vikram Seth, writer of “A Suitable Boy”

Incident In Detail 

The famous poet and author, Vikram Seth, accused Amazon of fraud and stonewalling. He claimed that despite prepaying an amount of Rs. 9,990 for all the ten bamboo book racks that he ordered, only one book rack was delivered to him. 

When Seth asserted that he would rather accept all the ten book racks together, the delivery man insisted that he keep the one book rack that was being delivered to him. The delivery man also reassured him, saying that sometimes items get misplaced and mixed up during the shipping process and that his remaining nine book racks will be delivered to him soon. 

There was no initiation from Amazon for the shipment of the rest of his items, and instead, it was written “delivered” in the order status for all ten bamboo book racks.

Amazon Stonewalled Seth’s Complaint

Vikram Seth, the writer of the famous Netflix series “A Suitable Boy,” turned to Amazon customer service when he saw that the order for the remaining nine book racks wasn’t being delivered to him. 

He shared his experience with Amazon’s customer service and said, “I have been on the service line several times in the last two weeks, trying, to my increasing frustration, to get delivery of these 9 undelivered bookracks. I have been in chats with at least half a dozen Amazon representatives. First, Amazon kept insisting that the order had been delivered in full. Then, they agreed to institute an investigation.” 

Seth claimed that Amazon neither initiated a refund nor the delivery of the rest of his order. Rather, the company insisted that there was no fault with the delivery of his order and that all ten book racks were rightly delivered to him.

Dissatisfied with Amazon’s service, Seth said, “When, after a week, their ‘investigation’ was over, and I went online with them again, they told me that they had ascertained that the order had indeed been delivered in full (In other words, that I had been lying).”

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Seth’s Sister Tweeted The Incident

Vikram Seth’s younger sibling, Ardhana Seth, shared his brother’s bitter experience with Amazon on Twitter. She wrote, “My brother, the writer Vikram Seth, was recently scammed by Amazon. It is appalling and here’s the story in his words.” 

Seth penned down the incident

She also posted a picture on Twitter, where her brother wrote down the entire incident. 

Aradhana’s tweet received a lot of engagement. Amazon also commented on her post, but it is not yet certain whether any action will be taken or not. 

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