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Help Artist India (H.A.I) is an initiative for millions of artists who need work and recognition.

New Delhi: Help Artist India (H.A.I) is working towards helping artists and their community with their personal management, getting them regular work throughout events, and generalizing event- related initiatives. Recently, Team HAI – Help Artist India meet with Dean of SRC – Shree Ram Center Of Arts “Mrs.Chetna Pant” and Dean of NSD – National School Of Drama – Mr. Shantanu Bose for collaborating to get the struggling artist regular work for a Nobel cause.

Artist from Native countries like Pakistan are also approaching to work with Help Artist India. Art does not see any cross border objectionalities. Art is pure form of Talent that An Artist perform from his soul engaging the large number of audience. Help Artist India NGO wants to raise funds for these artist throughout their in-house event division to get these artist regular work and help them in their better livings.

Help Artist India (H.A.I) is a non-profit government organization that works for the benefit of artists in India and around the world. Origination has vast experience working in corporate events and artist management.

Mr. Ashok Rajput (Founder & Director) mentioned that the organization is completely dedicated to the artists of India and worldwide who are struggling in the field of art and culture. Although the organization aims to provide regular work so that any artist can showcase their talent among the masses, Mr. Ashok Rajput stated that after working in the field of art and culture for many years, he has come across and witnessed firsthand the struggles and difficulties that artists face in their early stages of career, as well as sometimes after becoming popular. By keeping these issues in mind, he has taken this initiative so that the organization can reach the maximum number of audiences and the art and culture fraternity can benefit from the stage it is creating.

Ms. Taruna Salhan (Director and Trustee) has mentioned that “H.A.I” is dedicated to helping the artist fraternity with their self-development and taking them forward individually by considering their talent and artworks. We are offering a platform to perform through stage shows, live shows, live bands, music albums, corporate endorsements, and private events in partnership with “H.A.I.”

She said we, as the core team of the Help Artist India Foundation, are here for the welfare of child artists by aiding or helping them in the form of donations, i.e., by providing them with musical education, instruments, funds, teachers, and performing platforms to showcase their talents and skills.

In this sequence, “H.A.I” is organizing a series of events with the name “Funkar” that started in January 2023 and will be continued in the next few years. Funkar offers its audiences a variety of different art zones, which helps artists raise funds for themselves.


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