February 22: Gautam Kapur wears many hats and is now foraying into Hollywood, Co-producing, Acting and Hosting two exciting television pilot projects under his brand, Be Conscious, in association with Omagination Pictures. Top Model, Nutraceutical brand owner, and Author (his book “Don’t be Fooled” was part of the prestigious Miami Book Festival), he’s clearly striving for more. 

When asked about venturing into the media space, he says, “Fitness has always been a passion from a very early age, but there is a method to the Madness, so when I got this opportunity, it was natural & easy to take forward. The travel and wellness project showcases different aspects of Wellness.” 

With over 900k followers on Instagram (@gautam_kapur), the team has already started posting updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the productions. 

“How Much Do You Want To Know ?” is a dramatic fiction series that delves into the interconnectedness of our lives. From what we hear, this also has a gripping mind-bending storyline not quite similar to “Well Traveled Feeling Good in LA”. Gautam stars in the lead role as Maulik, a former MMA fighter who turns to therapy to understand his strange recurring dreams. He discovers that they are not just dreams but memories from a past life, a concept based on the real-life teachings of Kapur’s wife, Tarini. The pilot also features MMA pro-fighter Marco Morales (“Bullet Train”), who has worked with Salman Khan in a Bollywood film. Indo-American actress Laddie Sidhu well plays the Therapist’s role. Several workshops were held for the scenes with Sidhu and Kapur in Los Angeles itself.

Gautam’s styling was done by renowned Hollywood makeup artist Shannon Fischer who worked on his look for a few days before filming started.

The show’s producers, Sadarangani and Washington, collaborated with Gautam Kapur because of his exceptional knowledge of food and fitness, making him the perfect host for the show. The show is about exploring the unique aspects of different cities and the conversations with others on their travels. 

Both projects were directed by award-winning Argentinian director Tomas Decurgez, who wrote the screenplay for How Much Do You Want To Know? Decurgez was intrigued by Gautam Kapur and Tarini’s stories and was curious about the idea that our dreams could be memories from a past life. He says working on the project was a revelatory experience and allowed him to question and keep his mind open. 

The physical production for both projects was intense, with a 3-week back-to-back shooting schedule in Los Angeles from October to November 2022. Some filming locations included Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive), Muscle Beach (Venice Beach), West Hollywood, the hidden gem Fern Dell nature trail in Griffith Park, and a rigorous hike up the Hollywood Hills to the Wisdom Tree. 

Gautam Kapur, Sadarangani, and Washington have big plans for these projects, with the goal of taking them to audiences both domestically and internationally. With people becoming increasingly aware of their mental and physical well-being, the timing couldn’t be better for these projects. Gautam (aka Gomzee, as he is fondly called) is excited to share his passion for Wellness and entertainment. He is confident that his followers on Instagram (@gautam_kapur) will love his latest ventures.

Both “Well Traveled Feeling Good in LA” and “How Much Do You Want To Know” are being prepared for the film festival circuit.

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