By Samiksha Agarwal

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Social networking has been the buzz word for the past few years with Facebook and Twitter leading the way.

 But, lately, people have started to see a bigger push to go away from such a public space. There are times when we just want to share something with a few people, and not necessarily with all 500 friends on Facebook. Do you feel this way? Then this is the right place for you…Check out the latest apps to see how you can be social, but private. SquareHub-Where your family connects It’s a social network that’s tailor made for family and close friends. Every user needs to install a mobile app and can post photos and updates!! It works well to plan events like picnics and parties. Within a group, you can share updates only between a select few. Though it’s young SquareHub has some enthusiastic users. So what are you waiting for? Go and check out 23snaps-The ‘kiddo’ app Wanna share pictures and videos of your little champion with grandparents, uncles and aunties? Then here it is,, share your tiny tots photos, videos and his or her first words with people who matter the most. Also allows you to keep posts private and visible to your spouse only. Keepy-Save, store and share keepy-app It’s a feature which helps you manage an online scrapbook filled with photos of your child’s doodles and craftwork. Scrapbook can be shared with relatives and friends. You can get the option to share updates with Facebook and twitter too. SGrouples-Privacy first Connecting colleagues and classmates just got simpler. SGrouples provides you a forum for serious interface. It helps create notes, upload documents and share them with groups.And what’s more…It even provides you with 1GB cloud storage. You can use cloud storage for photo albums and discussions. This app ensures total privacy as in the company remains “scrupulous about trust, respect and integrity” Everyme-it’s simple It’s another social network but cuts out a lot of clutter and noise. It gives you an opportunity to communicate with people on a smaller scale. It’s simple and straightforward. You begin with inviting and adding people to what is called your ‘circles’. Once you start you can start posting text and images to your circles. The nice thing is that people can respond withoutsigning up for an everyme account through email and messages. It’s great for small groups of people to communicate information. Avocado- For the lovey dovey’s… images (7) Do you change settings in your phone? Do you keep passwords so that others can’t see private chats with your ‘special’ one? Not needed anymore…Because the app-y world brings to you Avocado which offers private chat setting and lets users send pictures, texts and videos in one secure place. It gives you the ability to ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’ your partner from afar. The app asks you to hold the phone to your lips or your heart and vibrates in reaction letting the other person know you have made a contact. Personalized emoticons with pictures of yourself in different moods is also one interesting feature…It’s a must try this valentine, isn’t it?


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