The thought that when something is banned or made illegal, then people would completely stop doing sounds nice as a concept, and surely should be the norm, but it is something only meant for classroom lessons more than anything.

Since if we go by the numbers, a huge amount of people in the country constantly on a daily basis do something that is illegal or banned, even after knowing so. These can range from small, petty things that would not harm anyone to more serious crimes.

One of them would surely be child marriages, which even after Indian laws having a strict stance against and having been abolished by the Indian judiciary for many years now still continue to take place.

Now, Assam seems to be taking even more stringent action against the practice in order to completely eradicate it.

What Is Assam Doing?

As per reports, the Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma has instructed the state police to start an intense crack on child marriage since 3rd February 2023 all across the state.

In just around nine days since the drive against child marriage was started more than 4,000 cases have been registered, with 370 cases the highest coming from the Dhubri district. They were followed by Hojai (255), Morigaon (224), Kokrajhar (204) and Nalbari (171).

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Child Marriages Assam

In a tweet, Sarma stated that “State wide arrests are presently underway against those violating provisions of Prohibition of Child Marriage Act. 1800 + have been arrested so far. I have asked @assampolice to act with a spirit of zero tolerance against the unpardonable and heinous crime on women.”

Barun Purkayastha, the Hojai superintendent of police has talked about how they worked with various groups and people to catch the offenders saying “There are government institutions at the village and town levels, NGOs, Childline.

We are working with a number of different sources. We have gaonburas. In some cases, even villagers and schools are coming forward with inputs. We have compiled information from all of them. After verification, action is being taken against them.”

Apparently, this drive was started to lower down the high maternal and infant mortality rates in the state that according to reports the government believed were being caused by early motherhood.

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