Do you think about the color of your smartphone before making a purchase decision? Your phone’s color, after all, is a reflection of your personality. Most people who do not consider smartphones to be anything more than a device choose the standard black and white colors that are available on every smartphone.

However, many people like colorful phones, which is why smartphone manufacturers are now offering a variety of colors.

In a blog post, color psychologist Mathew outlined how a person’s phone color might disclose a lot about his personality.

What Is Color Psychology?

The study of colors as a determinant of human behavior is known as color psychology. Carl Jung is regarded as a pioneer in this discipline for his research into the qualities and meanings of colors in our daily life.

Color has an effect on sensations that aren’t immediately apparent, such as the flavor of food. Colors contain properties that might cause individuals to feel certain emotions. Colors can also help placebos work more effectively.

Red or orange tablets, for example, are commonly used as stimulants. Color’s impact on people varies based on their age, gender, and culture. For example, heterosexual men believe that red clothing increases female beauty, whereas heterosexual females disagree that outfit color has any effect on male attractiveness.

Color associations can vary depending on the context in which they are used. Although color connotations vary depending on context and culture, color choice is rather consistent across gender and ethnicity.

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The meanings of each color are listed below.


According to Mathew, if your phone is white, you are most likely a neat freak. People that use a white phone are likely to be nonjudgmental, open, and have high standards. “White is associated with simplicity which could suggest that’s what the owner is looking for.”


Many consumers like black since it is the safest color and practically all smartphones appear fashionable in black. Furthermore, because black covers fingerprints and smudges well, you may not have to be concerned about them with black.

People who choose black, according to Mathew, have traits such as sophistication, professionalism, power, and elegance. It also implies that someone is on the lookout for a partner. “Choosing black may also be a desire for privacy and to be unseen, it could be a strong indicator of survival instincts at play,” he said.



After black, blue is the second most popular color on smartphones. The blue iPhone exudes sophistication and all things posh. People that choose blue-colored phones, according to Mathew’s blog, are quiet, peaceful, and uninterested in attracting attention.

In addition, the color is connected with in-depth thinking, caution, pondering before acting, efficiency, and conservatism. These are some of the characteristics that a person with a blue phone possesses.

Blue is rarer for a phone color than black or white, which could suggest a desire to be unique, and an expression of their taste. If it’s a dark blue phone it would suggest they were not looking for attention and they may have some creative talents or tendencies,” he noted.


Despite the fact that red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the iPhone’s Product Red color option has a lot of fans. Physical vigor, competition, passion, impulsiveness, and aggression are all associated with the color HB red. People that crave attention and have an outgoing attitude love it as well. They are more prone to be expressive as individuals and don’t give a damn what other people think.



According to Mathew, gold is associated with riches, rank, generosity, and materialism. Someone who owns a gold phone is likely to be aware of his social standing. They want everyone to know how wealthy they are and that they have a preference for nice items.

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