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Yield farming program “Volcano” kicks off with dutch auction for the Cryptokitties, NFT MMO KittieFIGHT Game


Austin, Texas – A lucrative yield farming program called the “Volcano” pre-launches with a limited time Dutch auction. The Yield farming program is the KTY token liquidity provisioning incentive program for the popular fan favorite combat Cryptokitties NFT MMO game called KittieFIGHT.  The Volcano yield farming program, incentivizes on-chain liquidity and kicks off right before the conclusion of the dutch auction. Token partner projects with communities versed in DAO governance processes that are incentivized to participate in the Volcano yield farming program lasting 6 months with a 7 day early reward program. About 13 project tokens from these communities can use their already existing tokens as pairs, in KTY token pairs, on the UNISWAP exchange pools in order to earn more KTY and SDAO governance tokens. The tokens; WETH, ANT, yDAI,yYFI, yyCRV, yaLink, aLend, aSNX, yETH, aYfi, 2key, GNO, yETH range from standard dex tokens like WETH to derivative and inter-dependent projects like Aave, Synthetix, project,,, Gnosis and 2key.About 500% – 6000% more KTY and DAO governance token earnings are possible in the Volcano yield farming program.


KittieFIGHT KTY token is used as utility fee payments in the KittieFIGHT  Lending backed combat CryptoKitties MMO game, without the need to acquire KTY directly in game. KittieFIGHT platform gaming system can be compared to a high yield casino/lotto game bankrolled by an open source bank, which is collectively funded by lenders. The game returns weekly yield to the bank which becomes available for lenders to  withdraw proportionally based on initial capital commitment of each lender. The KittieFIGHT game mechanic is similar to fan support at a boxing match; supporting players in two opposing groups bet ETHER on two opposing Cryptokitties NFT’s set up to fight each other mortal kombat style.  The Cryptokitties NFT’s are triggered to fight based on frequency and style of player Ether bets. The two opposing player groups are incentivized to battle with ETHER over the sizable, initial Ether jackpot incentive, that swells to at least 10x its initial size to return lucrative winnings to players and interests to original lenders. When asked Oladapo Ajayi founder and systems architect of KittieFIGHT and KittieFIGHT DAO how the protocol can guarantee lucrative interests to Lenders he gave an interesting answer;

“Every Game must return 10x its value in order for games to be ended. Defi enthusiast will be able to benefit from the system soon; the gaming protocol along with the game is ready for mainnet , while awaiting smart contract audits.”

The KTY dutch auction is the initial KTY distribution (Link: preceding Kittiefight  Yield farming program. Users get to democratically set the price of KTY by sending Ether bids during a 2 week bidding period in the dutch auction. Users can then receive +500% –  6000% more KTY tokens and SDAO tokensfor providing KTY and WETH, ANT, yDAI,yYFI, yyCRV, yaLink, aLend, aSNX, yETH, aYfi , 2key, GNO, yETH liquidity on Uniswap tapping into potentially +$1.7 B USD worth of governance power without risk of impermanent loss.

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Company Name: KittieFIGHT

Contact Name: Asad Zeeshan



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