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Lacclan Gottfried gives a warm welcome to best buddy Jackson O’Doherty by painting his house pink, video goes VIRAL!


Every person has a best friend who has someday played funny pranks on each other. Expect the sweet revenge taken by your best buddies to be hilarious and memorable. The same happened with Jackson O’Doherty who had been in the USA since the last 5 months. As he got back to his swanky home in Australia after a really long time, there was an unexpected surprise waiting for him. His beautiful home was painted in pink; courtesy his best friend Lacclan Gottfried who with the help of the painters got the house painted.

Lacclan spent his two days in painting the house and it was a part of the revenge prank by him. The design and makeover after the complete work looked funny yet embarrassing at the same time. Gottfried picked up his best friend and Jackson arrived home to a shocking surprise. “Looking at the house in a glowy pink colour, he was initially shocked and looked horrified. He thought that the neighbours would get annoyed but later, Jackson just laughed out loud”, said Lacclan. 

Well, looks like Jackson played it cool and did not get furious despite his home got painted in pink. Jackson who uploaded the video of the hilarious warm welcome called his 1.2 million dollars home a ‘barbie house’. In the video, he says that it feels good to be home and it looks cool but is also annoying as he feels that the neighbours might complain about painting such a beautiful villa. While we expected a different reaction from Jackson, he looked pretty cool with his home getting a new makeover.

Creating the video at his own expense, Jackson in the video further stated that his house looks pretty cool. He will be creating such hilarious content and plans to share it on his social media platforms. Moreover, he even said that pink represents the colour of breast cancer foundation and as his responsibility; he will donate $100 to the breast cancer foundation for every million views that the video gets. The video has till now garnered more than 3.5 million views on Facebook. 

Check out the funny video here – https://www.facebook.com/JacksonODoherty/posts/2303809256430900

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