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The multi-million empire of Kinan Salameh


Many see this as a weakness, but sometimes it is also a great strength. Because faith is able to move even mountains. Kinan Salameh was born with one arm. Nevertheless, the Augsburg native from the Syrian capital Damascus managed to start his own business at the age of 17. After beginnings in the event industry, he was drawn to the real estate, online marketing and gastronomy sectors. Meanwhile Kinan Salameh is one of the self-made millionaires.

The 25-year-old owns, for example, quite a property portfolio worth up to ten million euros. Unsurprisingly, these properties are mainly located in Germany. In addition, Kinan Salameh has so far bought properties in the Czech capital of Prague as well as in the United Arab Emirates and there in Dubai. His interest in real estate arose during his studies and with the help of the only course he was really enthusiastic about. The course on real estate management was so interesting that he promised himself to acquire his first property at the end of that semester.

 At the end of 2016, Kinan Salameh got down to business and bought a three-room apartment. From then on, the now 25-year-old invested in a property every two or three months, and it became clear to him relatively quickly that he was thus securing his pension at a young age. This confirms the idea that successful people either buy property or develop something. 

Kinan Salameh took both approaches and launched Scan2Get in December 2019. This is a simple product that supports shops, restaurants and leisure businesses, for example, in the digitalization process. This is achieved through more efficient and profitable marketing measures. In addition, with Scan2Get, Kinan Salameh has already become the market leader for chat bots and in Germany he has already won the awards for top company and top service in 2020. In addition, there are already 350 trained sales partners and the founder is aiming for an eight-digit turnover by next year. 

Kinan Salameh also has another focus on online marketing. This involves consulting services for celebrities such as rappers, TV stars and well-known businesses. In the course of this he supervises their social media activities and helps to monetize them. The now 25-year-old began doing this in 2016, almost simultaneously with his first step as a real estate investor. Today the self-made multi-millionaire Kinan Salameh is an active partner in five founded companies. In addition, the Augsburg native with Syrian roots holds stakes in twelve companies. If you wish to learn more about the 25-year-old top entrepreneur and his activities, you will find more information at

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