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Unconventional Depiction of Life Experiences through Art – Davood Roostaei


When life throws you in between unthinkable scenarios and leaves a tunnel to escape, you choose to accept it the way it is. Davood Roostaei is the perfect example of living life at your terms while striving to perform with passion. Roostaei was based in Iran, where he was born and chose art as his major. However, he had to compromise his art studies due to the Iranian Revolution in 1979. He was deeply affected by the political fiasco, which he expressed through his art. However, he had to go to jail for art which was deemed to be subversive by the regime. He later realized that his artistic route could not be that of the standard realistic way of depicting the world based on what he had seen and experienced.

Roostaei’s journey as an artist was not at all smooth, but he continued to inspire people through the impeccable translation of his life experiences into his art. He developed Cryptorealism in 1990; this was a new technique and a way of thinking inspired by both his political and artistic experiences. This concept involves the overlaying of levels of images in order to foster multiple perspectives on different issues, and it is solely executed with his bare hands. Roostaei is a painter of the unusual intensity of expression – invariably filled with profound inspiration and commitment to the cause of humankind which provides his work with a humane dimension.

Born in 1959 in Iran he was pushed into a world of both privilege and fragility. While he was raised in a regime, rich in ancient traditions – many of which his family was steeped in ancestral privilege – he also knew it was a world crumbling before his eyes.   He found refuge in art, but he was restricted from expressing due to political boundaries. He gained asylum in Germany in 1984, a country that allowed him to grow and become an exemplary artist that he is today. He lived in Germany for about 20-years and flourished as an artist.

Throughout his life, he was always subjected to political dilemmas. He saw Germany’s old regime collapsing as he had seen Iran’s under the Shah collapse. However, in Germany, it was more direct for him as a mature artist. His paintings from 1984 referenced the events that occurred in Germany – East, and West- as well as the turmoil of the now-defunct Soviet Union, in many ways predicting what was to happen.

In his work from the mid-1980s, you will indeed observe the traces of deconstruction of the old order and birth of a new one. His art thus holds fragments referencing the past, present, and future.

Roostaei never once thought of giving up his passion due to the circumstances around him. While a significant part of his art education was in Iran, he also continued his art studies in Germany as well. His first major exhibition was in 1988 in Hamburg where he succeeded in touching people from all around the world through his art and eye for glorious details. His first book was published in 2007 named “Davood Roostaei and the Manifesto of Cryptorealism,” which is an accurate representation of his expertise in art.

Roostaei moved to Los Angeles in 2000, a city to which many come in the hope of satisfying their dreams. He was able to gain a height of success, and his career path took a shift for the better. He has worked and lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years, and he has continued to win people’s hearts through the unique nature of his art. His uncanny dedication and dedicated hard work have managed to make him cross significant hurdles and gain success.

Roostaei’s work is a true combination of ingenuity and masterful craftsmanship. He believes that art should speak to people and let them think beyond the odds. His art does that, and his exemplary technique is impeccable to observe. His work has managed to inspire a multitude of people from all around the world. He truly believes in working towards your passion in life regardless of the obstacles. 

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