A massive protest is being carried out by women in Iran where they are cutting their hair and burning their hijabs to protest against the death of a woman named Mahsa Amini, who was detained last week due to wearing the hijab “inappropriately.” 

The Incident

Mahsa Amini had gone to the capital of Iran, Tehran, along with her family, where she was detained on Tuesday last week. She was detained by the morality police responsible for regulating the dress code in Iran for women, including the compulsory wearing of a hijab or a headscarf in public. The media reported that she was arrested because the police found a fault in how she wore the hijab.   

Mahsa Amini

The 22-year-old woman fell into a coma a few days after being detained and reportedly also had a heart attack, and died on Friday. Her family members, state media, and the Iranian activists are of the opinion that those who are responsible for Amini’s suspicious death must be brought to justice.  Many people on social media have alleged that she was beaten, and as a result of that, she died. However, the police denied this and said that Amini was ill when she was detained along with others.

Social Media Outrage

After the incident came to light, people expressed their rage on social media and this later escalated to protests in the capital, where more than a thousand women took part. To tackle the protests, police officials opened tear gas shells.

Protestors went to the University of Tehran, Iran, and raised slogans such as “Woman, Life, Freedom”. Many women burned their hijabs to protest against the incident and were seen saying “death to the tyrant” in videos that have surfaced online.  

Women gathered to protest against the incident in Iran

Several videos were posted on social media where people were seen crying anti-government slogans. Also, to oppose clothing rules that were formed by the government and to protest against the death of Amini, women were seen chopping off their hair.

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Women Cutting Their Hair

A women activist and journalist, Masih Alinejad took to Twitter to share a video of women cutting their hair. She wrote, “Iranian women show their anger by cutting their hair and burning their hijab to protest against the killing of #Mahsa_Amini by hijab police. From the age of 7, if we don’t cover our hair, we won’t be able to go to school or get a job. We are fed up with this gender apartheid regime.”


The protestors who cut their hair and burned hijabs received harsh punishments from the morality police, pictures of which have surfaced online.

It has been made compulsory in Iran that women have to cover their hair and wear long, loose clothes as per Islamic law. Those who disobeyed the law were punished severely. 

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