What do you expect the head of a country to do? Solve the common public’s problems and make life better for them? Maybe somewhere else, but in Iran, the ‘Supreme Leader’ focuses on animated characters not following Islamic laws.

Sounds strange? Let me explain. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa which said that all animated characters in movies and TV cartoon characters should wear hijabs. 

Art Should Be Kept Away From Religion

All TV and film cartoon characters should wear hijabs – this fatwa includes even tiny characters like female bees and other insects, human cartoons and female characters of any kind. 

According to an Iranian news agency report, Khamenei was asked whether it is necessary for animated characters to wear a hijab, to which he replied, ‘observing hijab in animation is required due to the consequences of not wearing a hijab’. 

Now, I am in no place to comment on Islamic laws, because I do not fully understand the religion and I was born in another one too. But art should be kept away from religion.

Why does the leader of a nation need to force Islamic laws on animated characters? Wasn’t it enough that there already were ultra-strict rules for women in Iran with every kind of restriction possible, that he had to issue this fatwa?

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Backlash From People

Several activists and political analysts called the fatwa toxic. Activist and journalist Masih Alinejad even wrote on Twitter that the obsession of people in power with the hair of females is toxic. 

Iranian academic Arash Azizi lashed out at the government saying that the Supreme Leader wasn’t focusing on issues of importance and in the interests of Iran and Iranians. This definitely seems to be true. 

The opposition to this fatwa is pretty huge and this is not the first time that such laws have been issued in Iran. Any scene of physical intimacy between a male and female character in a film is usually censored out.

A lot of proposals were also brought about to ban foreign films from being screened in Iran because the government feels that western films are misleading and give people all the wrong ideas.

The country even has a very strict censorship board for films. Most movies made by artists there are restrained in so many ways and they don’t usually make it past the censorship board without taking out significant portions of their films. 

Maybe we cannot expect anything else from a UN blacklisted country. In the name of religion, people in power are really implementing bizarre laws that make no sense, instead of trying to reshape their nation’s global image and the condition their people live in. 

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Sources: Hindustan Times, India TV, News Tribe

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