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Winter Essentials Diary: Jacket


 By Shreyasi Das


There is something to be said about the winter fashion. Just as the skies begin to turn dreary, the air nippy and the trees withered and bleak-looking, there are all the colorful layers that one can finally pull out of one’s wardrobe to lift one’s spirits, not to mention one’s style. Suddenly after gasping in the heat for months, all those smart woolens and jackets tucked away for this time of the year begin to make sense like some long-lost pieces of a puzzle.

With so many options to layer with, accessories to add and bust out your boots there is a giddy sense of excitement that blots out the dullness of the atmosphere outside. What makes winter fashion special for me personally are jackets- there’s no occasion to which you can’t wear one, but at the same time they can be a deal-breaker (read: frumpy fits, dull color, wrong length, tacky buttons). So let’s dive right into the essentials!!

1.      Trench Coat

The brainchild of Thomas Burberry, this style has been around for over a hundred years making it a timeless piece to own. No longer the mainstay of the Noir detective, these can now be worn with trousers, dresses or even shorts! However, wearing a trench on its own as a dress is not quite how one should wear it. Add heels to balance out the length of the trench in case your legs are of a modest length.


2.      Leather Jacket

Another classic style, this offers a variety of styling opportunities. You can go full throttle with the rocker chic look, or add just a hint of grunge to a feminine dress. Leather jackets suit both day and night looks, making it an easy transition piece. The look can be finished off with chunky heels or booties.


3.      Puffer Jacket

For slightly colder days, puffer jackets can be styled with well-fitted jeans and uggs. A beanie could be a cute addition to the look.


4.      Blazer

Blazers can worn for formal and informal places/occasions. For formalwear one should stick to the basic colours- black, navy, grey and camel. Fitting is key.

These can also be worn otherwise with jeans, shorts and dresses. For an occasion such as a coffee catch-up with friends, you can even experiment with colored blazers.


5.      Cape

This style looks best teamed up with trousers or jeans and boots. Hanging it over your shoulders without putting your arms through the arm holes is also another way of wearing it. Can be worn during the day and also for at night for a dinner-date with a scarf!

Leighton Meester sporting a cape style coat


6.      Military style

Navy, khaki or even black military style long coats or short jackets are very chic. A brooch to your long coat version adds pizzazz to this regimented looking style.


7. (Faux) Fur Coat

Fur coats, or their cheaper alternatives- Faux fur coats can really jazz up your outfit if carried off with the right amount of attitude. Can be worn at night with dresses, or even with a simple tee and jeans as Kate Moss is wearing it here.

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Moss goes for lunch in Notting Hill, London

You can add a jacket/coat to your outfit keeping it true to your own personal style, given the number of options there are to choose from. At the end of the day, it’s how you wear it and carry it off, not necessarily conforming to the ‘rules’ of fashion that truly makes an outfit stand – out.


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