The popularity of our PM Narendra Modi is no secret. He seems to be getting more screen time than any reality show or daily soap, his pictures and posters are on every street and in every public office, not to mention the public washrooms where we see the smiling image of Modi Ji, thanks to the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan.

A few days back, we remembered the death of the victims of the 9/11 attack. However, while the entire world was mourning the death of innocent men, women and children, Indian media was busy with something else.

On 9th September 2019, renowned journalist Rajdeep Sardesai shared a video of Narendra Modi on Twitter. He said that the video was of the last debate which Modi attended as the spokesperson of BJP and since the topic of debate was 9/11 terror attacks, he was reminded of him.

Seeing this, I believe that Indian media is obsessed with Modi so much that they pay no heed to other incidents and even if they do; they choose to relate it to Modi in one way or the other.

This incident of Rajdeep Sardesai speaking of Modi is not an isolated one.

I keep a keen eye on the day-to-day happenings in the world and I religiously follow debate shows and panel discussions. While watching many such debates and panel discussions, I have noted that the name of Modi is dragged in the conversation without fail, irrespective of the topic of discussion.

The Demise of Arun Jaitley and the Modi Connection

Coming from a legal background and being a law student, I have known the name of Arun Jaitley since times immemorial and the mention of his achievements is not new to me.

He was one of those members of BJP who contributed heavily to the heights reached by it today. Apart from this, his achievements as a senior and eminent lawyer and as a public figure were no less. 

When he left for the heavenly abode, I was waiting for the media to talk about his achievements and contributions to society, along with giving an insight into his personal life.

However, all I could witness was news channels painting the image of Arun Jaitley not as himself but as “Modi ka Dost”

Well, PM did lose a friend, but he was more than just a friend and the individual personality of Arun Jaitley deserved the attention of the nation which, unfortunately, it didn’t get.

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Local Matters And Modi

Be it regarding a crime committed in a state or the goals of development, we see Modi Ji everywhere.

Talking of criminal offences, there has been an evident rise in anti-social activities in Uttar Pradesh but rather than questioning CM Yogi Adityanath, media shows the headline, “Modi Ke Yogi, Ye Kya Ho Rha Hai” and the like. 

Isn’t it wrong to subconsciously shift the accountability from the CM to the PM? I will leave it for you to decide. 

As far as developmental activities are concerned, Modi’s ‘Gujarat Model‘ takes the first seat everywhere but we can popularize it plainly as Gujarat Model of Development as well, without adding the very name of Modi Ji.

All of us have heard it enough to remember it, no need to put additional efforts, guys!

I am perplexed by the way media drags the name of Modi Ji in every issue, good and bad alike. It is the need of the hour to shift our concentration from Modi Ji and focus it on more important, ground-level issues.

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Sources: Economic Times, Economic Times, News 18

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