Several centuries ago, a witty Greek philosopher Heraclitus postulated – “Change is the only constant.” And those are the very words I tell myself when I see people changing at a quicker pace than Delhi’s fickle weather.

We have all been a witness to the “Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte” moment dozens of times in life. People whom we knew (or assumed to) for ages become strangers in the blink of an eye.

So why do people really change? Is it some pre-planned conspiracy or do they just wake up one day and decide to be someone else altogether?

Without much ado, we bring to you the very possible explanations to why people change colours:

They realise their own aspirations

One can spend a comfortably long time living in ignorance. Then one day out of the blue or maybe with a conscious effort, one might realise his/ her true potential and goal(s) in life.

For that, they might need to alter their lifestyle, which definitely includes altering social circles. They may naturally begin cutting out on people, and that might include you.

So next time when one shuns you, know that it isn’t perhaps you that they are avoiding. They may just be in the process of self-discovery and mapping their path to success.

Try managing with the time they may give you. If not, quietly slip away and find a person who can devote more time to you.

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They become self-centred

While this may sound vaguely similar to the first point, it is way different. To cut out people as a part of the process of fulfilling one’s aspirations isn’t selfish. It equals investing in oneself.

But too much investment in oneself at the expense of the ones that care for you becomes problematic. Over time, people may develop traces of (or tons of) ego and selfishness; which means that the sole object of their concern is themselves and their own comfort.

You may become a secondary priority. When you ask them to accompany you on an outing on a day you both have an off, and they choose to rather sit at home, make a mental note so that you aren’t baffled when they say a “Goodbye” on your face.

You become intimidating

In simple words, they may view your progress and achievements apprehensively and perceive that you are the one who changed. As a result, they may limit their conversations with you and avoid you.

This isn’t too narcissistic an interpretation. Not everybody will view your accomplishments in a positive light.

People may label you as “Bade bade log” and feel that now that you are doing good, you will develop a streak of attitude, while it is their narrow-minded perception that is at fault.

Caution: Keep clear off such people.

They just change

Not everything in the world can be logically explained right? After all, humans aren’t scientific theories that can be wholly explained.

While we can draw possible reasons for their actions, we cannot completely and correctly justify them. Science hasn’t progressed so much yet!

So next time when you feel that “Oh, he/she changed…” step out. There is no dearth of humans for God’s sake!

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