Indian schools don’t exactly have the best image when it comes to dealing with imparting education. 

While the standard of education has historically been extremely high in the country, in the past few decades, the cracks have shown how the education system is not being updated with the changing times. 

Where students are still expected to bring on their 90% and over in order to top the class and then eventually get into a prestigious college, the same focus is not given to life skills and subjects that can actually help students to be better aware of the society. 

While talking with an acquaintance, the subject did come up as to why there is almost no change in the school curriculum and even if there is, it’s not exactly benefiting anyone really. 

Although there are some changes to the system that are being brought about slowly and gradually, here are some subjects that it is high time schools start including and teaching their students:

#1. How To Handle Bank Account

One of the biggest things that students after getting out of school are totally clueless about is how to handle things related to banks. From opening a bank account to depositing money, handling that account, getting a debit/credit card, understanding what it means. 

Often times kids are given cards by their parents once they get into college, for emergency reasons and all, but they seldom really know how it all goes about. 

This subject should especially be taught to students in 11th and 12th class, instead of making it a game-like thing for the younger students. 

I’ve observed in some schools that students who are from 5th to 7th or so class are given a seminar or session regarding all this. But the reality is they frankly don’t care for it and do not pay any attention to it. 

On the other hand, it can be really helpful to the older students who already have some understanding of bank related things and know how important it is. 

#2. Social Media Handling

Instead of just putting a counsellor, schools should create a whole subject around it where a trained professional tells them how to handle their social media.

Social media is not just about connecting people, it can also be a very very toxic place and we are already seeing how addictive and in turn harmful it can be. 

Adding a subject related to it is the best way to go since we cannot stop the youngsters from being on it. Topics like cyber-bullying, need for validation, when to take a break and more could be handled. 

This can especially be good for the younger students who are more easily affected by trolling and malicious comments, etc.

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#3. How To Get A Voter ID Card?

Another very important subject that should have been introduced long before would be how to handle government-related documents and more. 

How to get a voter ID card, applying for aadhar card, passport, driver’s license, and such are extremely important and yet many students have no idea about it. 

This should in fact be a mandatory subject for 11th and 12th class students who will very soon reach voting age and should understand what the process for each thing is. 

#4. How To File An FIR?

Perhaps the most ignored would be things related to police, like filing an FIR, RTI, how to file a court case, etc. 

While we are taught a little bit about RTI in social studies class, the actual process of it is not told. 

The number one reason why so many crimes go unreported is because people don’t want to get messed up in all the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with it. 

If students are already taught how to file a simple FIR or court case and all, that hesitation and fear will go away.

#5. Sex Education

It is truly high time that proper sex education is included in the school syllabus and taught to students. 

A really important subject that could help them understand topics like consent, healthy sex life, choices in protection including condoms, IUD, birth control pills, and more.

Of course, these subjects are based more on practical experience, so the standard written exam will not be possible here. But these subjects will ensure that the student is more aware of daily things that could help them to lead a more seamless life. 

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