Love marriages in India used to be a rare instance in the last decades. By now, they have become the norm. Despite having a polarised society, love marriages have got better prospects in India. India can be safely called a family-oriented country. A family in India has its roots in marriage. 

As reported by Live Mint, in a 2018 survey of more than 160,000 households, 93% of married Indians said that theirs was an arranged marriage. Just 3% had a “love marriage,” and another 2% described theirs as a “love-cum-arranged marriage,” which usually indicates that the relationship was set up by the families, and then the couple agreed to get married.

What Do The Statistics Say?

According to a study conducted in 2023 by WeddingWire India, a subsidiary of US firm The Knot Worldwide, love marriages are getting prominent day by day as millennials in their 20s and Gen Z give a thumbs up to it. The company last conducted its survey in 2020. There were some interesting findings about the wedding market in India.

The poll found that 44% of couples said their marriages were arranged in 2023, as compared to 68% in 2020. This shows a drastic drop of 24% in arranged marriages. Respondents of this survey mainly consisted of couples from tier 1 cities. Delhi constituted 34% of the surveyed people.

Reason Behind More Love Marriages

The reason for more love marriages in the country can be traced to the independent young generation who are equally involved in planning and financing their wedding. Also, an evolving attitude of Indian families can be the driver of this change as weddings are a family-inclusive life decision. 

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Brides project manage their weddings, and that gives them further authority in making decisions. According to the report, 41% of couples begin planning their weddings four to six months in advance, while 32% plan it in the last one to three months.

The research stated that Indians had a narrower window for planning weddings as the engagement period in India is shorter as compared to other countries. 72% get engaged only six months or less before the wedding.

love marriage

Online Resources For Weddings

With the growth of online resources and technology, and the younger generation being comfortable with it, they arrange their weddings online.

Couples were aware that out of 11 key activities, 6- “like budgeting, finding trusted vendors, finding the perfect ring, and so on, can be completed online by using online planning tools.” These resources are used by couples to plan, budget, and find reputable providers (by reading reviews). 

The report said, “There was an 11% point increase in adoption of wedding technology platforms, as it was discovered that 58% of couples now choose to use wedding planning websites to organize their weddings, up from 47% in 2020.

It was also found that tablets/ smartphones (36%) have overtaken offline/in-person (34%) resources as the preferred mode of wedding planning. Also, the global trend of proposals is gaining ground in India. 28% of the surveyed population said that formal proposals are a part of their marriages.

The traditional weddings where parents, relatives, and friends were responsible for all the arrangements have been professionalized now. The socially intimate marriage scenarios have now changed to the capital-oriented, well-planned, professional industry.

These industries also have an important role in changing the wedding system. All the weddings are arranged by professionals. The boundaries between love and arranged marriages have blurred.

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