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We Compared Harry Potter To Indian Weddings: Know How?


By Drishya Subramaniam

An unusual comparison between the famous series Harry potter by JK Rowling to the Indian weddings to which we await eagerly.

How can one compare the mysterious fantasies of Harry Potter to the loud and pompous Indian weddings?

Well here are a few insights to see the similarities.

Harry potter has been the bedside story teller for any teenager who loved reading. Keeping us enthralled JK Rowling came up with an amazing story that had all the drama and fantasies that one would always want. But somehow aren’t those the same things we see in an Indian wedding?

J.K Rowling wrapped up the fight of harry potter and his friends against the dark lord Voldemort over 7 volumes.While it’ll take Indian 7 rebirths to hopefully wrap up the fighting and get a new wife or a husband as in accordance with the Indian traditions.(The Indian custom of walking around the Agni symbolizing a life with each other for the next 7 lives of the couple.) So yes we end up waiting for the last chapter in both cases don’t we?

Entangled relations

Surprising how by the last book “The Deathly Hallows”; almost every single character ended up having one or another relation with each other. Just think harry became Ron’s brother in law and Hermione Ron’s wife and there is more from where that came from. Sounds similar to Indian weddings?? In most of the weddings one ends up finding relatives from all possible families and moreover, even the bride and bridegroom are related in many cases!!! So basically let’s conclude from this that you’ll always be related to almost everyone in the big picture.

From spells and smokes to fireworks.

If J.K Rowling added witchcraft and spells to create drama and smoke, we on the other hand have a handful of mantras and actual smoke for the works. But be it spells or mantras, 90% of them have no clue what they are chanting and almost all the words put your speaking skills to the test!

Churning and upturned stomachs

Who can forget the description about those amazing feasts laid out on those books, where everyone eagerly awaits to see what pops out next when “the dinner is served.” Well I like most people wait for that buffet for every wedding to gobble down to my heart’s content! So food is the priority for anyone in both the cases.

Random conversations from random people.

Let’s not forget that there were a lot of characters in the books and the movies who came out of nowhere to pitch in their ideas and views and just played a lame role for the sake of it. Weddings are never finished unless you meet a set of random so called relatives who wants to shove their views and problems on almost anything and everything at your face.

Creatures and drama

Every book had one or another creature that played a major role; from a griffin to a werewolf. We aren’t short on creatures either, if Harry exits on a griffin than our bridegroom does his grand entrance on a horseback. Not to mention that sometimes even donkeys and elephants are used.

To finally round this up like every other story be it a book or a wedding it ends with a happily ever after. And well like any book that comes to an end we had to bid farewell to those heart touching characters like we do to those souls which united in a wedding.

So basically we all end up waiting for both the book and the wedding like hungry kids who have basically starved all their lives. And as for the ending of the movie, apparently, we see parents guide their kids to live the kind of exact same life they had and isn’t that the same that happens at a wedding?

So I guess we can say they have a lot more common than seen by the naked eye!!

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