Bollywood, the Hindi language film industry is often termed as the face of Indian cinema. When any of us thinks of Indian cinema, SRK and such other Bollywood actors pop up in our heads.

However, what is it about Bollywood that makes it so popular as to acquire the title of the Indian cinema?


Though Hindi isn’t the national language of India, it is the most widely spoken language in India (40% of the Indian population speaks Hindi). Moreover, Hindi is also recognized as one of the two official languages of India (the other is English).

By using the Hindi language, or English, or Hinglish sometimes, Bollywood thus, reaches the masses.

The popularity of the language is the main reason why Bollywood movies are released in South Indian states and cities, but movies of south Indian industries are hardly put up in Northern cinemas.

It’s only very rare that non-Bollywood movies such as Baahubali break box office records.


The earliest Parsi producers started producing films in Mumbai, and so it became the hotbed of production of films and cinema in India.

In fact, Bollywood films allow a blended culture and setting that is absent in other regional cinemas, such as Tollywood.

For example, a Bengali setting and Bengali language would look absurd in a Punjabi (or any other culture’s) theme and cast, however, such varied cultural mixes are often shown in a blended setting in Bollywood films such as Piku, 2 States etc., and they look absolutely natural.

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Bollywood is the only Indian cinema that produces really high-budgeted movies, and that too even in its earliest days.

Its high budget is the main reason for its supreme quality production in India, which is why it is so famous in India. Most regional cinemas do not have that kind of budget.


Bollywood is so gorgeously eye-appealing because it’s a hubbub of colors, dances, songs, and drama to spice things up. The song industry and the film industry in Bollywood are highly interlinked.

Salman Khan dancing to Selfie Le Le in Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Even movies that are filled with messages to society such as Dangal, Secret Superstar, Bajrangi Bhaijaan have a lasting impact on society because adding to the emotional touch, the movies are filled with entertaining elements.


As of 2014, Bollywood represents 43% of box office revenue, whereas Telugu cinema and Tamil cinema together comprise 36% and other regional cinemas contribute 21%.

Bollywood releases more than 1000 movies per year, which is more than double the number of movies produced by Hollywood.

This does not mean that regional cinemas stand nowhere in comparison to Bollywood. Producers like Satyajit Ray from regional cinemas have given us splendid movies that deserve to break all records. However, such movies hardly come by.

Therefore, Bollywood has reached and won the hearts of most Indians in every aspect and thus it is rightly acclaimed as the Indian cinema. Kudos to you, Bollywood!

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