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Haven’t you ever wanted to turn back time and live a moment again, several times, without even changing it even a bit, because in that moment everything seemed perfect, and no matter how much you think about it, it never fails to amaze you?

Life is full of some such miraculous memories and little instances which make your day even by just thinking about them. On the same lines, there’s this thread rotating around Quora where the users are sharing the moments of their lives that they want to relive.

The original question says: What are the moments in your life you want to repeat again? Check out this answer that must have touched a lot of hearts just by its simplicity and earthiness.

1) My marriage! (To the same wife of course) Take a look at an old wedding picture taken in 1975. Isn’t she pretty?


2) The day I had my house warming ceremony in 1986 when I moved into my own newly built house after being shunted around for years from one rented house to another.


3) The day my son was declared a Rhodes Scholar at the age of 21 and won a scholarship to study at Oxford University from where he got his Graduate, Masters and Doctorate degrees later. It was a red letter day for me and my family.

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4) The day I retired in 2011 and began a new inning with a vastly improved lifestyle and forgot all the career rat race memories and its ups and downs.

5) The day my grandson was born, 11 years after my daughter got married and when we had given up hope that we could ever become grandparents.

6) The day (yet to dawn, hopefully in a year from now) when my wife and I leave Bangalore city and move into a newly built Retirement Home (under-construction), close to the Bangalore International airport at Devanahalli, to live out in peace the remaining years of our lives. I want that to be my last mailing address in this planet.

7) The day (yet to dawn) when my son brings home his life partner and introduces her to us. Our blessings are packed and kept ready to be showered, whoever she is. That is my last unfulfilled wish.

While living in the present, we often fail to sit back and appreciate whatever is happening in our life, good or bad. We realise how much a moment meant to us, long after it has passed. So take a minute, think about one such moment. Can’t think of one? Maybe it’s time for you to make more memories!

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