With more than 900 active coronavirus cases in India, the country has been put under a 21-day lockdown as per the orders of the Prime Minister of India.


Apart from the threats brought on by the virus, this lockdown itself is causing humongous damage to the nation and the underprivileged people are worst affected.


22% of India’s population lives below the poverty line whose livelihood depends on daily wages and they do not have any fixed source of income.


Due to the lockdown, the country has reached an unprecedented crisis and financial assurance to the needy is the need of the hour.


Although the various states and central government are taking speedy relief measures to aid the poor, still that does not seem enough to cater to a population of 271 million people.


Understanding the severity of the crisis, several established people and organizations have come forward to make a philanthropic move and are making significant monetary donations to help out the needy. 

These people include some of the biggest business tycoons of the country, celebrities, cricketers, philanthropists, founders, CEOs, etc.

Let’s have a look into the benevolence made by these public figures.

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Apart from this, more and more Bollywood celebrities, cricketers and public figures are coming forward to do their part of charity amidst the ongoing crisis.

Several South Indian stars have also made remarkable monetary contribution to help out the needy during this pandemic. It’s good to see that people are standing together and are contributing benevolently towards the cause.

With such huge financial aid coming its way via donations and fund reliefs, we hope the government does its part and the pandemic is controlled in time with minimal damage suffered by the underprivileged.

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Sources: Business Today, Economic Times + more

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