In the wake of the recent 21 day lockdown implemented by our Prime Minister to beat the COVID-19 outbreak, Salman Khan and other Bollywood celebrities have come forward offering their help.

Salman Khan, through his NGO, Being Human Foundation has decided to take up the financial responsibility of 25,000 daily wage workers from the film industry, according to FWICE President B N Tiwari.

Salman’s Being Human Foundation has come forward to help daily wage workers. They called us three days ago. We have about 5 lakh workers out of which 25,000 are in dire need of financial help. Being Human Foundation said they will take care of these workers on their own. They have asked for account details of these 25,000 workers as they want to ensure that money reaches them directly,” Tiwari told PTI.

The remaining 4,75,000 workers can survive for about a month. We already have huge ration packets for all the workers but unfortunately due to lockdown, they are not able to come here to collect it. We are thinking of ways how to reach out to them,” he added.

Other Bollywood celebrities and filmmakers have also been approached via letters by FWICE requesting them to contribute. He appealed for the Bollywood industry to come forward and help the makeup men, light boys and numerous other daily wage workers working for them.

New Initiatives To Help The Daily Wage Workers:

Another noble initiative- “I Stand With Humanity” started by the International Association for Human Values, the Art of Living Foundation and the Indian Film and TV Industry together, aims to help the daily wage workers by supplying them with required essentials for up to 10 days.

Taapsee Pannu, Ayushmann Khurrana, Karan Johar and other Bollywood stars have pledged to support this initiative and requested others to contribute too.

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Celebrities Contribute To The PM’s Relief Fund:

Akshay Kumar has recently pledged to donate a whopping amount of 25 crores to the Nation’s Relief Fund. He was followed by Varun Dhawan, Randeep Hooda, Manish Paul, and Bhushan Kumar.

Tollywood stars like Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan, Cheeranjeevi, Ram Charan and Mahesh Babu have also stepped forward during this crisis. Cricketers are also doing their bit, with donation pledges coming from Suresh Raina, Sachin Tendulkar, Ajinkya Rahane among other notable stars.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone adversely. But the economically weaker sections of our society have suffered the most. Daily wage workers, who depend on the nominal amount they get every day to fill their stomach have been hit the hardest.

It’s time we all come together as a community to help each other, especially the ones who aren’t as resourceful and privileged as we are.

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Sources: Economic Times, ANI News, Hindustan Times

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  1. Hello Shreyash,

    Thank you for the post on the COVID-19 outbreak fundraise.

    Good to see Actors like Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Randeep Hooda, Manish Paul, and Bhushan Kumar and cricketer like Suresh Raina, Sachin Tendulkar, Ajinkya Rahane are giving donations to help India to come out of this outbreak.

    I hope all this ends soon and India successfully beat the COVID-19 outbreak.


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