I am ecstatic that the torturous lockdown is finally over. Back to my college, I am sitting with my friends in the cafeteria which is my favourite spot in the campus, sipping Oreo shake without which, my day is incomplete, engaged in the spicy gossips of campus, and so, enjoying the college years to the fullest.

And just after a moment… my mom wakes me up from the long nap, unsympathetically!

I know that it is not just my story, but every poor final year student is feeling miserable right now. It seems as if only a while ago, we all were going gaga over the annual cultural fest preparations and frantically preparing to make it through the college placements.

We were getting emotional over the fact that college was going to end in just two to three months and excitedly planning to confess our feelings to friends on the scribble day, etc. But suddenly,

Sitting in my comfy night suit, with a long-lost smile, I stare at my college bag and gloomily think about so many things which will be entirely affected due to this vicious virus and might never be the same again, especially for final year students.


This is that unprecedented time, when all the companies, how-so-ever big or small scale, are closed. Even the permanent employees are in a state of unrest due to fear of job loss.

So, such a scenario is brutally breaking my hope of bagging a chair in the corporate world anytime soon. As of now, dusting and dishing are all that I have in the name of work from home. *sigh*

Cultural Fests

Every day, my Instagram feed remains piled up with the celebrities’ videos of boasting about their strict sessions of home workouts, hand washing demonstrations, and chilling in their big-beautiful dream homes.

So, such a scenario is brutally breaking my hope of getting to see any of them being a delight for my eyes in my college fest, which itself might get postponed until next year. *sobbing*

Also, let us forget about dancing and focus more on social dist’ancing’!!

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By the time, the situation normalises, everyone will be in a rush to cope with the loss of time and schedule. Hardly anyone will be in the mood to celebrate. My dream of wearing the sash of Miss. Farewell might not turn into a reality, but it’s okay.

My made-up silver lining will be my thought that my college never bade me farewell at all. I will always be a part of it.


Amid the nation-wide lockdown, it is quite evident that the exams which were to be held by the end of the next month will get postponed with no specificity. Yes, being relaxed about it is my guilty pleasure. But the thought of losing the necessary time of my crucial years adds up to the anxiety.

Never-the-less, now I have enough time to prepare well for college as well as entrance exams.

There are countless such things which can make a final year student broken-hearted. But at the same time, there are many reasons for embracing this halt in the rush of life. Enough time to make wise decisions for the future, developing some good habits, acquiring a talent such as a new language, a musical instrument, or cooking.

All we need is to stay positive and spread positivity. After all, if we can bear long hours of boring lectures for three years, we can bear this lockdown for a couple of months for the betterment of us all.

BTW introverts live quite a comfortable and peaceful life indeed.

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