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What To And What Not To Do At A Social Gathering


Well, we all know that when we are out and about, we are constantly under the scrutiny of the people around us, the not-so-fondly-called society. May it be speaking our mind or our poker face offending somebody, the constant glare of the people comes back to haunt us. But, little do we know that there are certain unwritten rules which we are expected to abide by.


Here are the unwritten rules that you need to follow at a social gathering, so that your praises reach far and wide (that whole network of gossiping aunties) and your parents don’t need to get you registered on some matrimonial website:

  • Sense of humour: Please, carry your sense of humour with you even if you manage to leave your brains behind (for some of us, they have been eternally locked away). Nobody wants to talk to a person with a drab face and lacklustre eyes. Your witty inputs shall be entertained but do not overdo it with your love for ‘dardanaak’ jokes. Learn to take jibes in good humour.


  • Keep your phone away: When you are at a social gathering, it’s time to be off your online social network and talk to some real people. Put your phone away and don’t click hundred pictures for new DP. You might actually come to realize that the view is better without that lens and times are happier with the phone in the pocket.


  • Opine only when needed: Yes, we live in the 21st You are entitled to your opinion. You have freedom of speech and shit but, your opinion is not always required. At times, it works best to keep your valuable suggestions to yourself and save yourself the loathing of others.


  • Interact with people: Read point 2. Do not silently in the corner, sulking, like coming to the gathering has been a punishment for you. This is your chance to meet like minded people and have a bit of fun. Talk around, laugh aloud but yes, do not interrupt when someone else is speaking. It might just give them the urge to slap you real hard and all this new friendship idea might turn out to be your unlived fantasy.


  • Dress appropriately: Funerals are also social gatherings but you can’t show off the latest dress that you bought off Zara or Forever21. That’s exactly my point. Dress according to the event. Ball gowns won’t do for a tea party and your drug-addict look won’t help at a wedding. So, make sure your fashion sense is spot-on. You do not want to accidentally screw up.


  • Never stare into another person’s phone: Now this is the biggest sin in today’s world. Be it your spouse or your best friend, keep your eyes off that screen. Trust me, you don’t want to be caught red-handed. Even worse, face their wrath and be scorned. Therefore, do not linger into such risky territories. The person using the phone should refer to point 2.


  • Food and eating habits: Eat for yourself and not others. Free food is not your privilege. Most importantly, chew with your mouth closed. I don’t want to see that lump of food in your mouth. Not a pretty sight for me or anyone else at the table.


So all my boys and girls, the secret is out. The unwritten rules have finally been jotted down. Keep these in mind when you are at a gathering the next time. You don’t want to be uninvited the time after that, and blacklisted in everyone’s list who was at that party just because you chose not to follow my advice *haha*

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