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World’s Wackiest And Weirdest Museums: You Have To See This List


By Dashmeet Kaur

Hi there! Love art and fond of other-worldly, wacky and distinctive tastes? Here are some very spellbinding art museums that will boggle your senses and hey, don’t shy away from indulging in these hedonistic pleasures. *Ace the brave-heart face bro*(for the inferior-average people reading this).

1. Franz Kafka Museum in Prague

First up is this much-hyped exhibition on the life and work of Prague’s most famous literary son, Franz Kafka, that explores a rather relaxed relationship between the writer and the city that shaped him. The surreal thing about it is, most likely

  • the effigies of two men urinating in a pool shaped like the borders of the Czech Republic, which are (for some strange reason again), animatronic and
  • can spell out words in the pool based on SMS messages that people send. *Vaguely visits Wonderland*.


2. Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence, Missouri

Remember Rapunzel? She used her hair for horse-thieving, kidnapping, jail-breaking and in a manner other than what nature intended.  

  • Presenting to you, Leila’s Hair museum that showcases all your hairy nightmares with ideal spirits. With countless coronets and various innovative ornamental pieces made out of real human hair (yes, it’s for real), it is said to have been sought-after in the Victorian stretch.
  • That’s not it, there are multiple samples containing hair of the famous people, including the likes of Queen Victoria. (Could this BE any more hair-mazing?)


3. Iceland Phallological Museum in Reykjavik

  • Iceland is a compact and a magical island with a proud history.  It’s no surprise that it is volcanic-ally and geologically active BUT it features a world renowned museum and what’s so bizarre about it? Wait for it… *drum rolls*
  • It is the fact that it is devoted wholly to showcasing penis samples from 93 different animal species- including the 67-inch-front-tip of a blue whale penis.
  • It also has specimens assumingly belonging to mythical creatures like trolls and elves (read that again if you wish). It definitely offers a unique experience, aye people?


4. Meguro Parasitological Museum in Japan

  • It’s not any old museum- no history, artwork, demonstrations, cultural artifacts. This museum appeals to a true niche audience– science extremists who’d like to spend their Saturday afternoon surrounded by jars of dead parasites!
  • With great pride it declares itself to be the world’s first EVER parasitical museum — of course you are because nobody would come up with it.
  • This research facility is the only one in the world that invites guests to come and savor the taste…. oops! I mean explore the exhibits. If you want to remind yourself that these things exist and are constantly trying to find their way inside you, here’s the place my friend.


5. Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments in Amsterdam

  • It goes without saying that there are of course, some parts of the history that we’re not pleased about, and this includes armed conflicts, bloodshed and atrocities like tormenting.
  • However, people of the past have unleashed their creativity in various spheres and they had rather come up with absorbing ways of inflicting pain on fellow humans *slow claps*.
  • If you’ve got a twisted curiosity for this sort of thing (no, seriously why?), this museum has a lot to offer you. From plenty of weird torture devices, images depicting various torture methods that were in use, I’m sure it’s enough to give you a high for a considerable time period.


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