Maternity and parenting today isn’t what it used to be a few years ago. A word defining motherhood doesn’t have a restricted meaning now.

It has ascended to the degree of an umbrella term and now means much more than just bearing children.

We millennials as a generation might have a thousand inherent defects but one thing is for sure, we’re more open-minded and accepting of our differences than any other generation before us.

I do understand how most of the millennials are child haters and won’t trade their freedom for anything but hey, what’s the harm in a silver lining?

Maternity redefined by millennials

I firmly believe millennials have given a new meaning to maternity. Young women have redefined parenting and motherhood themselves by proving how they can handle both worlds super efficiently.

I have myself seen so many young women work till the last week before delivery because the millennial generation knows it’s okay to not hype pregnancy to another level of craziness like our previous generations did by engaging in mindless rituals.

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Millennials would make better parents

Why do I say that? Because we don’t hesitate in having “the talk”, the discussion about the birds and the bees or explaining the various dimensions of sexuality to our kids.

We would gladly help them with their own choices in choosing a partner, albeit with a pinch of salt but with the idea that if we wished for a future for ourselves and couldn’t get it, why rob it from our offsprings?

Also, various studies suggest how millennials want better paid-leaves and how the process of raising children and proper parenting is much more important to them than it was to any other earlier generation.

Maintaining a balance

Yes, we might just be a little reckless than our moms were. We might hate our own children a little for waking us up late at night and we might even have the last bite instead of giving it to our kid but hey, isn’t that what makes us human?

We accept we aren’t gods and sometimes we can be selfish, too. We’ll even accept our mistakes in front of our children because yes, parents can make mistakes too! And that’s the key part where we bring in progressive parenting.

What defines us as better parents is acceptance of our own fallacies and shortcomings which most parents prior to our generation often didn’t entertain as an idea.

The human nature of being occasionally selfish for something as silly as a slice of cake just shows that we are willing to be kids with our own kids in order to connect and bond with them more. We aren’t dismissive of their problems because we want them to know that they’ll be free from any judgment in their own household.

Confession from a millennial herself

It is perhaps an irony in its own regard that as a woman who isn’t so fond of kids herself is writing an article about bearing and raising kids but that’s the beauty of learning and growing up.

As you come to terms with kids not being snot-leaking machines and being a stepping stone for us to become more responsible (deep down, I’d still get a dog but what the hell) and nurturing towards our own.


Parenting and being a mother has its own challenges which our ever so pompous generation shouldn’t be scared to face!

There, There. Millennials, you rock!

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