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This year has been full of catastrophes, be it the coronavirus outbreak, locust attacks, and Beirut explosion. Humanity is endangered and it feels like the mighty forces of nature are finally taking vengeance and teaching us a much-needed lesson.

But as we delve deeper and develop insight, we must start acknowledging the fact that what happened to us was actually necessary.

God gifted us with this year to analyse and mend our destructive ways. Perhaps he wished to tell us that this year was just a trailer of what could happen if we continue to exploit our natural resources!

He wished to humble us and start appreciating everything around us all over again. Even our domestic helpers coming home after the lockdown holiday was a celebration.

Since we were forced to stay inside, we also started realising the importance of our everyday routine.

All those mundane tasks like getting up early in the morning, dressing up to go to college or workplace and interacting with our friends and co-workers now seem like a distant past. We miss this regular, everyday fun real bad.

We also started venerating nature. We now know how a little bit of sunshine and greenery can brighten up our whole day.

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We got a little time for ourselves and our significant others. Many of us utilised this extra-time for self-reflection and nurture our long-lost hobbies.

We also got some time to heal emotionally and mentally. Some of us got closer to our family members.

We, thus, asked millennials what they think about the COVID-19 pandemic and what it taught us.

Here is what they learnt.

Thus, this pandemic taught us many valuable lessons. It has not really been a waste that we all think it is.

We discerned the eminence of beautiful, small things in life that can provide us with pleasure that knows no bounds and contentment that is beyond present-day materialism and artificiality. 

In fact, if we implement our pandemic learnings in our everyday life, then with time, we can definitely come out as a better person.

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