Society is going on a downhill and the previous generation is to blame. That’s the simplest explanation. And the solution? Replace them with the technologically equipped, liberal-minded and fast-paced youth of this age.

Hold your horses. What makes us think we’re better than them?

As much as it hurts our pride to think about it, there are a lot of faults we share in common with the previous generation. Faults carefully redesigned in more modern, sophisticated packages which fool us into having a false sense of superiority over them.

It’s time to get our noses out of the air and find out how we’re growing up to be everything we hate about the previous generation

1. Judgemental Busy-Bodies

Judgement - Everything we hate about the previous generation

We are sick and tired of the nosy neighbourhood aunties who have an opinion on everything we do. We accuse them of being narrow-minded and sticking their noses in all the wrong places. Doesn’t it make you all the more grateful that we’re such a progressive generation of liberal minds?


Ever sat around with your peers and “expressed opinions” about an outsider’s attire or physique? Then you aren’t doing anything different from that neighbourhood aunty, mate. You’re entitled to your opinion, for sure, but not at someone’s expense.

2. Golden Era Complex

Golden Era complex

The 5 magic words that can make any youngster disappear – “When I was your age…”. You know exactly what’s coming next – stories of the glory days, of stronger family bonds, yada yada. The worst part? They always end with an annoying comparison to our generation which supposedly has it so bad now.

Hmm… now, why does that sound familiar?

“40 Reasons Why 90s Kids Had The Best Childhood”, “65 Awesome Things Only A True 90s Kid Will Understand”, “82 Things Every 90s Kid Will Relate To”. Here’s a heads-up, very soon the next generation will give you 99 reasons why no one cares. Pride is great, nostalgia is wonderful; but let’s not overdo it, eh?

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3. Driven by Social Approval

Social approval

Don’t you just hate it when your parents deny you permission to do something for the sole reason – “what will others think”? What ensues is a full-blown rant from your side on how they should consider the happiness of their child above the opinions of society.

More often than not, we struggle with the same decision too, choosing to do what is easy than what is right. Peer pressure is real and caving into it shows our own need for social approval.

4. Accepting Something New

Accepting something new

From trendy hairdos to evolving job opportunities, it is so difficult to convince the yester-generation that change is good, right? We, on the other hand, are ambassadors of change. We’ve broken taboos that our parents grew up with.

We’re all for embracing change, but only as long as it’s fashionable to accept it. We’re open to discussions about sexuality and the like because it’s labelled as “cool” to accept such things. But we’re still hesitant to pursue or even encourage dreams that don’t seem financially rewarding or high-ranked. Double standards much?

It’s easy to be carried away with false notions of superiority, but all it does is hinder growth. The world would have gotten nowhere if every new generation blindly committed the same mistakes as their ancestors.

With a will to change and a dash of humility, we can go a long way.

Design Credits: Rishabh Patel

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