Watch: Why Are The Japanese Dying Of Overwork?

Karoshi or ‘occupational sudden death’ is a common phenomenon among the Japanese workforce

In Japan, hundreds of people lose their lives to overwork every year. The labor culture embedded in Japan has been creating more troubles than good for them.

Karoshi or ‘occupational sudden death’ is a common phenomenon among the Japanese workforce.

But can you imagine that people are dying because they have put their noses to the grindstone?

Seems like in Japan most of their jobs remain thankless. They work overtime, more than the prescribed limit and often unpaid. The will to do better and create better and to be able to compete in a corporate environment where tough competition persists perpetually, it’s not an easy job and certainly not stress-free.

Every year about hundreds of deaths are reported in Japan which relate to karoshi. They range from heart attacks to strokes to even suicides. This is a result of the overly demanding work culture and less or even no holidays.

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Nearly every person is a workhorse working overtime more than 80 hours a month, a limit beyond which there is an increased risk of dying.

The white paper on karoshi found that approximately 21.3% of Japanese employees work 49 or more hours each week on average, much above the 16.4% reported in the US, 12.5 % in Britain and 10.4% in France.

Watch the video to know how this phenomenon is destroying Japan’s work culture.

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Sources: Wikipedia, Forbes, The Guardian

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