Watch: Who Is The Bad Guy: Israel Or Palestine?

It is a bit of a riddle to figure out the party to blame in the conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict has defined an enormous part of well about three generations, as it sparked off in the 1920’s the moment the Balfour Declaration was made, since then, it has only meant destruction.

Cut to 2021, the situation seems to get worse only with each passing day, although a ceasefire agreement has been reached by the militant Palestine forces of Hamas and the Israelis. In the space of almost a decade from 2014-2021, an exorbitant number of casualties hovering over the 10,000 mark has been recorded.

If the previous instances of violence before 2010 are any example of note, then it must be stated that the ceasefire is just the lull before the storm. 

The casualty list has kept piling with a meaningless death after another. The civilians on both sides stay dumbfounded by the happenings as they pay the price of their oppressors and ‘slated’ protectors.

Yet, as things stand, numerous instances have arisen wherein the global leaders have sought to label the bad guy in the entire context of the conflict.

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Thus, in this video, we seek to ascertain just that and you, the viewer, will be the judge of it.

At the end of the day, no matter who is at fault, it will always be the common man that gets hurt in the crossfire.

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Sources: India Today, History Extra, Vox, Al Jazeera

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