With the rise of digitalization in India, India has become one of the major digital customer banks for leading digital businesses. 

Henceforth our representatives researched the present vacuum, so our motive was to bridge the gap & present them to the viewers worldwide. So we were waving a surge of culture, artistic capabilities, talent, and vision, etc. 

Working not just with the Producers or the filmmakers, but we have also associated with Artistikcart to provide a digital platform for artists to apply for auditions online in their varied talent/industry. 

So we can assume that Magicals, our upcoming international OTT platform, will be creating an artist bank of their own and displaying the content produced by themselves or their Associate producers. 

Furthermore, the artists Associated will benefit from artistikcart.com, and the artists individually will get additional perks and can, even more, earn as an Artistikcart artist coordinator. 

Magicals also brings forward various income opportunities through live event coverage, workshops, and webinars. It will also be informative for all the students to learn from the professionals from the industry directly. 

So, Magicals, YES, that’s the name. We’ve got to get excited about an app like never before. Magicals coming soon at Google Play Store, and you can log on to: www.artistikcart.com to register as an artist. To get connected with us, mail us at business@magicals.in.

On being questioned about how they intend to bridge the gap?

Avik Dey, one of the co-founders of Magicals, commented, “This is going to be revolutionary for not just the artists but also the viewers.”

And Saptarshi Ghatak, the founder of Magicals and Artistikcart, had to say, ” I am merely an IT professional and a singer, songwriter, anchor, event organizer who is associated with filmmakers, event organizers, and business professionals from throughout the globe. So I decided to connect them all and create a new platform that would benefit all and create the perfect eco-system for artists digitally.”

And not just that, even experienced artists can host workshops for their different expertise, and Businesses can contact us for advertisements and webinars bringing together all the industries to a new gateway of a better tomorrow.

To sum it up we can consider that this idea of the young entrepreneurs brings forward an opportunity for young & fresh artists to learn from the professionals who are already working in the industry International. Where it can be a self-help growth Platform for the beginners, and of course the professional artists can organize live events, chat sessions, workshops, webinars and share their experiences with the beginners and grow their team with the new enthusiasts and charge a ticket price for the events, sessions, seminars or webinars. 

All under the same platform, i.e., Magicals.

While everyone associated with Magicals also gets a position in Artistikcart where the Producers or Filmmakers Associated with Magicals can arrange auditions and choose their cast and crew for their future in-house projects Magicals. 

On further being questioned, Saptarshi Ghatak, the founder of Magicals and Artistikcart.com, replies, “Yes through Magicals & Artistikcart.Com we’re an international platform for artists to represent themselves in a better way internationally & get work, for the Producers/filmmakers these Platforms will be an opportunity to earn extra money from sales of tickets of their live events, workshops, webinars, etc. by departing knowledge to the candidates interested in their domain or by organizing a film promotional show and by getting a large data bank of artists for auditions. 

And of course, businesses and ad agencies get an opportunity to get repeated display of their advertisements by making a one-time payment.”

So stay tuned for Magicals OTT app, and till then, you can register at www.artistikcart.com as an artist and present yourself as an artist in a better way.



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