Watch: The Lost Indian Culture Of Using A Hand-Made ”Pankha”

“Loss of culture is the greatest loss any society can suffer!”

Before the advent of technology in Indian homes, “Pankha” or a hand fan used to be the major instrument to beat the heat away. With the course of time and the arrival of technology, this beautiful culture has started losing its presence gradually.

This handicraft has been coming into a variety of sizes and shapes. The structure of a fan resembles the core of its local geography. For instance, one can easily find the fans made from date-palm leaves in the northern regions of India like Punjab and Haryana, and north-eastern states like Odisha, Bihar etc. feature the cane and bamboo fans.

As the artist Jatin Das says, “There is poetry and romance in Pankha. The electric fan moves in a monotonous way, but a hand fan can be used in multiple ways. It is a tool to cajole, seduce, care and love!”

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There are, still, many rural areas in India where people fan themselves using this hand-made Pankha even now. A “Pankha” is, in fact, a tool which is much needed to stir the still air, especially in this modern age, when Indian values are diminishing day-by-day.

To preserve the essence of this cult, and familiarize ourselves with such a unique handicraft, we take you to a short journey through this video!

The way Jatin Das has taken such a great initiative is something which we all need to realize to preserve our very own culture.

Till then, that’s all from our side, folks!

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Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu, Times of India, Wikipedia +more

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