Everybody is scared of something or the other in this world. Some acknowledge it as just a silly fear not worthy of much importance, one they can overcome whenever they want to. But some have a kind of fear that they can never explain let alone get over it. These irrational fears of objects, places or situations are what we refer to as phobias.

Phobias are completely different from the casual fears we all have of something or the other. While a normal fear of something is casual enough for us to overcome easily if forced to, a phobia is a legit anxiety disorder which can cause a person instant distress lasting for six months or more on encountering the object or situation she or he has a phobia of!

Now that we have a clear picture of what phobias are, what are some pretty common phobias you have come across?

You must have heard about Aquaphobia which, as the name suggests, is the extreme fear of water, Arachnophobia – the fear of spiders and Acrophobia – the fear of heights (which I am sure some of you are having).

In fact, I did an article a while ago on commitment phobia which is the fear of people to commit to long-term relationships but hang on, there is more.

Apart from these well-known phobias, there are a plethora of the weirdest phobias which we never imagined could exist!

So allow me to give you a sneak-peak of 13 of the most bizarre phobias that people can have:

16. 1. Feeling left alone, are ya?

15. 2. Not that unknown but yeah.

14. 3. Scared of the doc? Well, it has a name now.

12. 4. This one’s for all the women out there – Are you scared of getting knocked out?

11. Phobias

10. 5. This one we all had at some point or the other I’m sure

9. 6. Afraid of the countdown?

8. 7. Most irrational of ‘em all

7. 8. All you “don’t” need is LOVE

6. 9. Do you hate being stared at? This one’s for you then

5. 10. Fear of “IT”

4. 11. Is this phobia real?

3. 12. Puppet shows are an absolute No No for you

2. 13. Most of us love to sleep, but for some it’s a nightmare

So here is my list of some completely unknown phobias I found the most bizarre of them all.

Do check out these crazy phobias and let me know if you have any of them!

Images source: Google Images

Design Credits: Sneha Barua

Sources: Healthline, Johns Hopkins Medicine


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