I belong to the narrow spectrum of people who are obsessed with neologies or buzzwords. My WhatsApp handle would go by the name Muffin Tops derived from the Economics of Muffin Tops exploited by Elaine Benes when she traded her ideas about selling the top of the muffin instead of stump.

But muffin top is beyond the physical layers of crusty and delicately baked muffins and Seinfeld characters. I was antiquated enough to catch up with the new meaning that was in vogue from the 2005 entry made to the Urban Dictionary. It also refers to the bulging of flesh above your waistline especially when you wear tight-fitting jeans.

Yes, the spectrum has gone wide now and I am on the brink of a No-County-For-Old-Men like scenario.

Raise your hands if you are one of those couch potatoes who had to scour through the Urban Dictionary every time a TV character bops in a word that sounds ultramodern and outside the commonly used vernacular?

Personally, I don’t know whether I should be amused by the inventiveness and creativity of around 2,000 slang entries a day or brazenly alienate myself from the craze that has been a reason for bonding between a whole group of folks ranging from prisoners, soldiers or your peer network.

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Let’s look at 10 words from the Urban Dictionary that are going to spark up the much abiding rage next year.

Urban Dictionary

A Schrodinger’s text is merely a philosophical rundown between you switching off your phone to brood on the 50/50 chances of a reply and turning it on again.

I texted my crush and I am switching off my phone assuming that his reluctance to respond me back doesn’t hurt me. But I still want to look back at whether he obliged me by his sweet back talk. This is Schrodinger’s text for me.


Urban Dictionary

Do you feel the need to stop your car especially when a cute doggo crosses your path?

I don’t want to catch you pupper necking when there is heavy traffic even if adorable puppies mark your priority list.


Urban Dictionary

Life is a churning ride replete with unpredictability. Let’s talk about jobs for instance.

When your co-worker has been slogging her way hard to thrive in the corporate world but she was fired for no reason. She has been Ann Curry’d as f***


Urban Dictionary

Guys don’t pretend? You know what Bedgasm is.

Come on, the intense feeling of relaxation and bliss that peaks when you climb into your bed after strenuous long hours of work or journey that has exhausted you to your bone marrow.


Urban Dictionary

I have been a Christoph my whole life. You know the kind of guy who has been too embarrassed to start up a conversation and holds back but in the end, lives up to your expectations of a great friend.

Although he may act strong and impassive but deep down, stuff affects him the most.


Urban Dictionary

I have seen my best friend plugging in her iPod as soon as a guy approaches her.

Steve Jobs is no more but his fandom still persists even in the corner of a bus where a guy wants to hit on a girl but faces the risk of being cockblocked by him.


Urban Dictionary

Collecting Receipts is collecting basically anything, be it a footage or a video or picture to be used as an evidence against the person.

Ask a lawyer? Their whole life is dependent on collecting receipts and pleading cases.

Urban Dictionary

It’s okay to be distracted.  Distracting is necessary if it actively motivates or inspires to do something else that makes you happy.

I have had swell ideas about an awesome surprise birthday bash for my dad through the forced hours of attentiveness during class sessions.

 Well, guess, I have been distractivated much?

Urban Dictionary

I have never been a fan of the Nickelodeon Show, Dora the Explorer. But that bubbly and smart kid defined a new word meant for girls high on drugs that tend to communicate with inanimate objects.

So, Dora has a dark side to her ramblings about exquisite journeys and trails.

Urban Dictionary

Dude, I am the most awkward person to strike up a conversation with. I have been a nerdjacker my entire life.

Always digressing the conversation into extreme details about my passion hinging on the nuances of a movie or a show to a person who has no inkling about where my conversations lie?

Yea, that’s lame me boring disinterested persons to death.

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