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November 24th, 1963: In a shocking turn of events, Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin behind President John F Kennedy’s assassination was shot dead while being transferred from Dallas PD to the Dallas County Jail in front of hundreds of people and cameras yesterday afternoon. Oswald, who was apprehended at the Texas theatre a few hours after the assassination was shot in the abdomen and declared dead soon after 1 pm by the doctors at Parkland Hospital.

Oswald’s killer was apprehended immediately at the scene and was later identified by the Dallas PD and FBI as Jack Ruby, a local nightclub owner. Although his motives behind the murder are yet to be determined, well-placed sources within the police department suggest that he acted alone and carried out the murder out of sympathy for the now-widowed Jacqueline Kennedy.

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The murder of Lee Harvey Oswald comes two days after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas while travelling in his open motorcade with the First Lady and Texas Governor John Connally. Newly sworn-in President Lyndon Johnson is yet to make a statement after Oswald’s murder.

Despite the confidence and assurance given by the investigating authorities to thoroughly solve the crimes of the past few days, however, questions remain as to how each of them could have been prevented.

“The Secret Service and the FBI must urgently address why President Kennedy was allowed to travel in an open motorcade on the roads of an unsafe city such as Dallas, and why the buildings on the route were not safely secured beforehand,’ says leading security expert Jonathan Curry.

Curry’s comments raise similarly serious questions about the state of security surrounding Oswald’s murder, which happened in the midst of dozens of local police officers.

The more cynical of people, however, have already begun trumpeting the possibility of something more nefarious like the involvement of the Mob, Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union and even, the CIA.

“Prima Facie it’s evident that there was an extensive conspiracy involved in the assassination of President Kennedy and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald. These are crimes that have been covertly committed by the people high up the American federal structure,” says Alan Krumwiede, a popular conspiracy theorist. Krumwiede cites amateur video footage of the crime as evidence for his arguments.

Whatever the findings of these investigations, the assassination of President Kennedy and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald yesterday only adds to the fears of the American people this past decade.

Post-Scriptum: The assassination of Kennedy and the subsequent public murder of Lee Harvey Oswald has been fodder for the biggest whodunnit in modern history. Although official reports suggest the role of a single shooter, the findings of the Warren Commission have been consistently disputed by conspiracy theorists and others alike. In fact, 60% of the American people were under the belief that a group of conspirators were involved in the events of November 22 – 24th, 1963. The release of secret files relating to the events recently haven’t brought a lot of clarity to the same, considering the volume of files that were redacted and are yet to be released.

Whatever the truth of the events, they are destined to remain one of the biggest conspiracy theory fuels in history.

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