Watch: Tea Stalls That Have Made It Big Among College Students Across India

One kulhad of chai can go a long way!

No matter where you are in India, you will always find a chai wala making the most delicious tea you have ever had. This pocket-friendly beverage is ideal for any kind of weather. Had it not been for tea stalls, mornings would appear too bright and delusive.

The best way to pass one’s time is to hold a cup of kadak masala chai and to deliberate on topics such as politics, economy, friends, work -jumping from one point to another. The bond that is created between friends and your local chai wala is unbreakable. 

The things that are taught in college may not be remembered by all, but the life lessons learned at the local chai wallahs are the ones that leave a long-lasting mark.

Students are way too broke to afford a 5-star hotel but are always ready to have that 5 rupees cutting chai and the intellectual discussion that comes along with it. 

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From figuring out assignments to teaching each other for exams that need to be answered in an hour, complaining about college and the long hours, forming new bonds to broken friendships, and even mending the old ones to saying those last goodbyes, tea stalls have seen it all.  

I have to say I miss all those roast sessions at tea stalls more than I have ever missed attending college in these last two years. Let us know your stories with cutting chai in the comments section below.

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