Watch: Satyajit Ray’s Movies That Were Globally Watched And Appreciated

A gem of a collection!

Satyajit Ray was a highly gifted man with an extraordinary vision and an impeccable taste. A descendent of the Ray family which was exceedingly renowned in the world of art and literature, he was a man of high creativity and brilliance. The legendary filmmaker is globally acknowledged and valued even today.

Having grown up amidst an extremely creative family, his imaginations were well nurtured since childhood. Starting as a graphic designer, he soon realized that his passions lay in making films.

As a filmmaker, he had explored and exploited most of the roles involved in the process, besides already being a fiction writer, illustrator, publisher, and a film critic.

Ray’s Legendary Masterpieces –

His very first movie was Pather Panchali, the first in The Apu Trilogy, which had won eleven international prizes including the Best Human Documentary at the Cannes Film  Festival.

That was the beginning of his journey. He had his own struggles and his journey wasn’t a bed of roses. However, his knack for excellence made him a global icon very soon.

Here is a list of must-watches from the gem of a collection he has left us with –

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Ray, An Eternal Icon –

Ray is the only Indian director to have received an Honorary Oscar, along with numerous other accolades and awards, both nationally and internationally, including the Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian award in the Republic of India.

A mind that was way ahead of its times coupled with an eye for detail is what made his works masterpieces that were appreciated worldwide by celebrated filmmakers and critics. Ray’s works have a wide range, each catering to a particular kind of audience – be it adventurous-fantasy films for children or profound movies based on a burning social issue.

Ray had once said – “Last, but not least — in fact, this is most important — you need a happy ending. However, if you can create tragic situations and jerk a few tears before the happy ending, it will work much better.” He has indeed left behind a legacy – one that will be celebrated as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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